Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do-dads, Thing-a-ma-bobs and Do-Hickeys

Ben is confused these days. He's an old dog, just like me...and he likes routine. The GRANDkids were here off and on this summer, and he was sleep deprived from all the activity. Then in August we bought a laptop and it has stolen away one of his favorite times of the day, blog time in the study. That wonderful nappy time with the sun coming through the windows, tap tap tapping in the background. I keep telling him that he has to change with the times or he'll be left behind in the dust, but he's not listening!

In 1990 when we bought our first computer, we had dial up service through America Online. It took FOREVER to sign on, for each page to change and downloading pictures... fuhgetaboutit! My brother was thrilled with the Internet and encouraged me to surf the sites he would send me. Well, it was like watching paint dry to download a link. I gave up and used the $800 HP for a typewriter! A few years later we upgraded to a new HP Pavillion and for the first time, it worked. You could log on, surf the web and suddenly I realized what I'd been missing.

I'm not the only one who feels this way, I read recently that nearly half of Americans (48%) said their primary source of news and information is the Internet. That's why I pay attention, so that I can keep up with the latest technology has to offer. Sometimes the test is difficult though and we have to put our heads together to figure out what it does. Last Sunday's Best Buy ad had all kinds of do-dads, thing-a-ma-bobs, and do-hickeys that we need....we just don't know why we need them until they tell us!

Ben says "Hi!"


  1. When I returned to the States from Egypt in 1993 the first thing I did was buy a computer and get online. The Net hadn't reached Egypt at that time but I knew it was there and had a tremendous NEED to find out what it was all about. I fell in love.

    Good photo of Ben. He has the same expression on his face that my Lexi has after the grandkids have visited. She's always completely worn out!

  2. One thing Ben knows... he is living the good life! That is the face of contentment.
    I can't imagine life without the internet. It certainly has enriched my life in every way.

  3. I'm with Ben. (Adorable photo by the way!) I get confused by all the new technology. BUT - I have a secret weapon. Grandkids! They are generally happy to show me how things work.

  4. Oh I love that Ben! What a great photo! I still have your email - and I will answer it - I'm sorry I'm such a putz, but God love you for sending it. I for one sure don't know what I'd do without the internet!

  5. So did you buy any of those do-dads, thing-a-ma-bobs or do-hickeys? LBeau's latest purchases are a blueray DVD player that will connect to the internet so we can stream Netflix, Pandora Radio, etc. He also just had to have a Netbook we can take with us when we travel.

    We started out on AOL when it was a DOS program only. Really slow, but we thought we were on the cutting edge of technology.

  6. "hi" right back at ya Ben!

    I guess I was spoiled. We enjoyed high speed internet for years until we move to Red Gate Farm. Going back to dial up was torture. We recently signed up with a wireless option, it's better than dial up but still not quite "up to speed"!


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