Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Make a Penny Oink

I used to clip coupons, I used to buy bulk, but now I shop a little differently to save money. We are lucky to have a "company store" where we're able to buy our protein. We are a family of 2, yet when I buy my chicken or beef or pork, it comes in a 20 lb. case. I bring it home, package it up and put it down in the freezer. I have my Mom's buying traits, buy often and buy plenty... just in case there is a famine! For the rest of my list, I shop Sam's Club, Walmart and Aldi. But not in that order. Forty years of shopping and I've learned a few tricks. After all, we had a budget of only $10 a week when we first married 40 years ago!

 Aldi runs ads every week and it will be tucked into your Sunday or Wednesday paper. They always have next week's at the door as you check out, to tempt you to come back!

The first thing you need when entering an Aldi is a quarter. This is my "Aldi Quarter" that I keep in the ash tray of my Santa Fe!

Insert it into the slot and ta-da, the cart is now yours to use for your shopping. This encourages you to take it back to the buggy rack and keeps costs down.

One of the things you will notice first off is how fresh the produce is... 

The prices will shock you, sometimes half what other stores advertise.

They proudly post information about their dairies being free of growth hormones.

Butter, cream, yogurt and cheese...even gourmet cheeses!

 Ask your Aldi manager and he'll share with you that Tyson provides all their meat... beef, pork and chicken, even deli meat!

 Not every canned item that you need for a recipe, but the basics.

 Aldi even has a great selection of organic products now. I read they were the first grocery chain to introduce organic!

 If you keep your eyes peeled and read labels, you'll find some wonderful gourmet foods. Olive oils, balsamic vinegar, coffees and teas from regions of the world that sell for much more at upscale groceries.

Basic cleaning supplies that work every bit as good as name brand and cost so much less.
You'll be saving money around every corner! Now comes the catch, you knew there would be a catch didn't you? When you get to the checkout, you'll see a sign...
Please don't be afraid, you can do it! It doesn't have to be in any order, just pile it on. Well...don't pile cans of tomato juice on top of the eggs or you'll be sorry. But put it up on the belt in an orderly fashion. By now you will notice the bags under the counter provided for you for a paltry sum. Remember, this is all  about cost cutting!

 For $1.99 Aldi sells a gigantic reusable bag that can carry a weeks groceries and I've even used these to move heavy items from my house to my daughter's house!

By now you can see the checker. He will be busy scanning and placing your groceries back in another cart that you will take over to a bagging area. I just take the cart out to my car, and leisurely sack my stash.

I forgot to tell you about their Belguim chocolate. They carry a premium line of milk, dark and 70% cocoa bars that are out of this world! Godiva good. Eat in the car good. Skip dinner good.

 So, if you have an Aldi in your neck of the woods plan a trip as soon as possible. Don't forget your "Aldi Quarter!"


  1. Wow...this was neat! We do have a tiny Aldi's I may have to check out that produce!! Thanks!☺

  2. What an interesting store. I don't believe I've seen one (Aldi's) around New England. Oh, by the way your blog is lovely. I will be enjoying many visits.

  3. This is great, don't we have an Aldi's up this way. Enjoy your day

  4. There's been an Aldi's in my hometown for several years but I must honestly say I've never set foot in it. We've got to make a trip today so if we have time I may just have to check it out. I'll be sure to have my quarter too. :)

  5. G'morn, Joy ~ I've been talking about 'going' ever since we had an Aldi open not long ago. Usually, it is Costco & Food Lion for us ... now we'll go & check it out. Great write ... TY

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  6. Hi, we have one in our town and love it.. Love their produce it is always fresh... Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend..

  7. There is no Aldi's near me, but when I'm home in Kentucky or over in West VA, I always stop by there--I love it and your post has made me remember why!!

  8. I have never heard of Aldi's. I would love to find one. Now the stupid question. If you return your cart do you get your .25 back? Love your blog.

  9. Cool post! Hopefully we'll have an Aldi's in Washington State sure looks like a great place to shop!

  10. You talked me into it! Our daughter shops Aldi's in Chicago...I know there are 2 in the town near me. It will be a little further than our Meijer, but if prices are as good as you say, may be worth the extra distance.

    I sure enjoyed this fine pictorial introduction and feel like I know a little more what to expect.


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