Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nice Tip

What's the most you've ever paid for a meal out on the town? All dressed up in your finest duds, ready to celebrate and prepared to turn loose of some big bucks? For us, two close-to-retirement penny pinchers, I would say never more than $100. We have been lucky to tie the old feed bag on at company functions that cost in excess of a million for the whole group, but that was many moons ago when companies rewarded their employees with big trips. Haven't been on one of those in awhile. I saw in the paper last week that Dallas Cowboy football player Dez Bryant recently had to pick up the check for his teammates steak dinners at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse and the tab ended up being $54,896! Apparently, he had refused to carry on the rookie tradition of carrying teammate Roy Williams’ shoulder pads during training camp, opting instead to take the team out for dinner. He just wasn't expecting ALL of them!
 Pappas Bros. is an institution at Dallas or Houston, opening their first restaurant at Dallas in 1976. Just what the heck do you get for that kind of cash? Well, it starts with ambiance.

 You can reserve private dining rooms like this beautiful working wine cellar. Mahogany shelves and cabinets are filled with vintage wines.

Or for large groups, like Dez's gathering of 60 of his closest friends, the  Fireplace Lounge provided the perfect private dining arrangement. Dark leather couches and a working fireplace add to the rich decor and there's even a retractable screen so they can do replays of last week's game!

Of course they only have serve USDA Prime, Dry Aged Beef...looking online at their site you can get a Filet Mignon for a measly $35.95....all the way up to a big 26 oz. Porterhouse for $44.95!
If seafood is what you are craving, you can start with the Chilled Seafood Tower for $98.95. Years of going to Red Lobster and Olive Garden have sheltered me from these prices. I was shocked to see you have to pay for sides...

Baked Potato. . .$7.95
Fresh Asparagus. . .$9.95
Haricot Verts (French Green Beans). . .$9.95
Skillet Potatoes . . .$8.95
Au Gratin Potatoes. . .$9.95
Mashed Potatoes. . .$7.95
Roasted Wild Mushrooms. . .$9.95
Onion Rings. . .$7.95
Steak Fries . . .$7.95
Creamed Spinach . . .$9.95 
So, I was just thinking. And since I have a curious mind I got out my calculator and did a little cipherin'. If they all chose the most expensive steak, and they would since this was a free meal out...and they all wanted an appetizer, cause you'd want to start with something yummy...and salad was extra, plus sides. Then you'd end up with a tab of like $7,020. I'm just saying there must have been some drinking going on or maybe they gave a big tip to the waiter...


  1. They probably each ate three dinners and the rest went to the bar my other life I waited on a complete football team and I never saw men eat so much! I think the most hubby and I ever paid for dinner was $197 for four (funny how I can remember the exact amount) and it was worth every penny! it was at the LaPosada Hotel in Winslow Az...beautiful renovataion of old train station done by my hero Mary Colter...if you ever get the chance..go..

  2. some folks have way to much money and dangit I am not one of them!

  3. I was in Houston for some meetings several years ago and 3 of us enjoyed a dinner at Pappa's. I say we "enjoyed" it because you HAVE to enjoy a dinner that costs as much as ours did! We were sure glad we were on an expense account and one of our bosses told us that's where we should go for dinner. Talk about sticker shock! And I only had water to drink. The other 2 had tea.

  4. Wish I had been that waiter!! I like Olive Garden also. Would kill me to pay that kind of money, even if I wasn't paying for it! Know we did some of that years ago also,(expense accounts)but still didn't like it!! Could feed a lot of hungry people with that money!

  5. We eat out most Friday nights with the same group of friends. The meal for both of us is usually under $30.00. Occasionally, we'll splurge and go somewhere a little nicer, but still under $40.00. Most expensive meal for the two of us was probably somewhat more than $100.00, but that's exceedingly rare.

  6. I'm also an old retied penny pincher. Taco Bell is a big night out on the town for me. :-)

  7. Hubby read my blog yesterday while he was having lunch...he said, "When did we ever spend $100 on a meal?" So, I stand corrected and now he owes me a $100's on my bucket list!


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