Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steamy Windows

Bedtime meant a story when our girls were growing up and before we'd be halfway through the book, they'd be out like a light! One of their favorites was
The Grasshopper and the Ants. 
All  Aesop's fables teach a lesson and this one was to prepare for winter.

Old Man Winter arrives tonight with lows predicted in the 20's. I knew he was coming, the last few days have been blustery and overcast. Autumn in the Ozarks can mean crazy weather, too much rain or too little rain. Warm days and cool nights. But when the sky turns gray and the wind whips up, there's usually a front coming in and it often dramatically changes our temps. We've enjoyed a long Autumn this year with sunny days and crisp cool nights. The leaves are really coming down now after the rain we had on Monday. When I look out the windows now I can see the lake again. The changing of the seasons makes me feel melancholy... a gentle sadness tinged with thoughts of how fast the year has zipped by me, again. I think we're prepared,...plenty of food in the pantry and freezers, ice melt stacked in the garage and the propane tank has been topped off. Every year I look forward to snow, I blame it on my "Missouri blood!" As much as I love winter, my husband hates it. He grew up in Florida and sees no correlation between a Merry Christmas and snowfall!

This morning I've got a chicken stewing  in a big pot on the stove. Not sure what I'm going to make with it for dinner, chicken dumplings sound good. The aromas from that delicious bird transport me back to my childhood kitchen on Summit Street, steamy windows and the anticipation of us all being home sitting around the table.
Maybe that's why I love Winter so much...


  1. I, too, love winter...especially the snow, Joycee! My husband hates it! I love the old books of tales and rhymes...wish I could find some again...:)JP

  2. When I lived in Maine I always felt sad when the short summer came too an end. Fall there is beautiful but I knew what was approaching and I really hated the winters. I am happy to say it is stunning here in Texas cool evenings and in the 80s thru the day. I am enjoying every minute of it.

    Chicken and Dumplings sound wonderful anytime of the year:-) I have a WholeFoods chicken in the freezer. I think I will thaw it out for exactly that. Have a great day Joycee!

  3. If you do make dumplings, please post the recipe.
    I have yet to find anyone who makes the old-fashioned hillbilly ones like my Mom and Grandma did and now me. I will be interested in seeing yours since you come from my neck of the woods.

    I think I will get a chicken out of the freezer today too. Just think tonight when we all sit down about the other two who are having the same dinner. A nice thought.

  4. I, too, love winter although here in eastern NC we don't have snow every year but when it happens it's just beautiful.

  5. Hello to everyone. I am an artist and will be creating a clothesline of sorts for my next piece. I am interested in the stories it tells. If you have any specific memories or stories that you would be willing to share for the sake of this piece, please let me know via "comment post,"and I will give you my email address. Thanks!

  6. Lots of great memories of the The Old Clothesline at

  7. I love this story, but I am such a grasshopper!! I'm never ready for winter, which is why I need friends who are ants!! :-)

  8. OH MY!! Check out your gorgeous header photo with all those autumn leaves. It just absolutely takes my breath away this time of the year. The leaves may be dying and at their end, but I am re-birthed every October.


  9. Still enjoying the music. I love reading your words. What a wonderful blog. Come visit me again soon!


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