Thursday, November 18, 2010


Daddy, his brother Walton and cousins Luster and Herman...
(deer hunting season, 1949)

I love to take short cuts, the backroads that cut off miles or time to my trips. No matter where we have lived, I have found an easier path to the places I go most often. My trip to town now is mostly country. It takes 5-10 minutes tops to get into Rogers and then maybe another 5 minutes to the grocery store. If I go 2nd Street to Walnut there are 6 stoplights. If I go the back way...there is only 1. I save time and gas. Like that way best.

When we lived in Springdale, it was twice that many lights if I went the path that all the other "rabbits" followed. But I didn't go that way. If I went down Silent Grove Road, by the old pump station I got to see a pretty little creek and the trees hung over the road like a lane in Merry Old England. I've never been to England, but I have seen pictures and they look just like the back way!

I inherited the love of backroads from my Dad. He knew every dirt road in Boone County and knew people all along those roads that he hunted with. It's deer season in Arkansas and this morning you could hear the sound of guns in the distance. It was my Dad's favorite time of the year and he looked forward to being in the "deer woods." There's a sereneness to the woods, just the sound of your footsteps. You are alone with your thoughts and all around you are the things that God has provided for your pleasure. It's a time to reflect on what's really important in your life. Even if you don't bring home a deer you come back a new person.


  1. I'm a backroads lover too. It may stem from the Sunday afternoon rides we used to take during my Missouri childhood. My hubby is an Interstate guy...hates to get off the main road & explore. I recently took the backroads home from an Open House--& almost got lost! Thank goodness for good ole GPS! If I haven't told you, I love your beautiful autumn country road you have as your header.

    And I would love to go to England. My sister-in-law is English & they go over several times a year.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I love to go hunting.....not to kill but to see the beauty and hear the's wonderful..

  3. I am a back road girl myself I have found some really cool places by doing that. My grandfather (Lester) was a Maine guide for years. Thanksgiving was always eaten at night because the men hunted all day. Thanks for reminding me of my grandfather.

  4. Joycee, I really like the photo of your dad and his brother and cousins. Those are seriously the best pictures of days gone by and good memories. Joni


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