Friday, November 12, 2010

Go Wild!

What were your plans for the day? Cleaning the house, grocery shopping, maybe a load or two of laundry? Yesterday I broke free, went with the winds of change and did something totally different. That's right, I shirked my duties and picked up my "partner in crime"... my daughter Stephanie. We had plans to go to a great place here called OOPS. It's a decorator's paradise, right up our alley!
They were loaded with Christmas and I was in Heaven. No matter how you decorate, they had something just perfect for everyone. Who wouldn't want a Christmas Malamute? Perfect in a foyer, and you wouldn't even have to feed them!

These were huge, great for a large table or ledge.

Not sure how I would use these golden crabs...on the tree, in a big bowl or maybe in a stocking?

These may be hard to sell here, we are a looong way from Vegas!

These made me smile, my "Flamingo Knees" are better now!

Santa's Elves were busy at work...

 Everywhere you looked they were tooting horns...

Tending forest friends... 

...or wrapping presents!

Every color you could imagine in trees...fuchsia, magenta, peacock, tangerine, oh...and a few green ones too!

They did have a strobe on the floor that I wanted. It sprayed a disco-like light show across the trees, I was mesmerized. I wish you could see it in the pictures, you'd want one too!

If you are going to have a lime green tree, you need a matching wreath!

Stephanie chose these for her Christmas wreath. Somewhere between Oz and Dr. Seuss, that's the theme!

I hate that Thanksgiving gets squeezed every year as we "blink" and it's Christmas.

I have a feeling my home may be the only one without a witches broom/ farmer's hay rake/ decorator fork.
I almost missed this great shot...I was looking at the bronze elk and trying to decide where I'd put them...

Waiting patiently on his "daddy's" motorcycle, this little Jack Russell Terrier was enjoying the sunny Fall day!

"What are you looking at?"

"Haven't you ever seen a dog before?"

"Take a picture, it'll last longer!"

...and then they were gone!


  1. That looks like a fun place. I need to ask my SIL if she knows about it. I assume it's in NWA. What town?

  2. Great post...thanks for all the pictures and sharing your day.

  3. Looks like it was worth putting away the daily duties for a fun trip! No wonder it's called "Oops"! And I'm not a Halloween decorater but do "fall" or Thanksgiving instead.

  4. Oops is in Tontitown, just outside Springdale/Fayetteville. Lots of bargains!

  5. It's that time of year... thinking of Christmas. Goodness to be Thanksgiving is not even here , but Guess I best be thinking of the Christmas season. Enjoyed your post today..oh how much fun is it to go shopping with one's daughter.
    I loved the dog...cute cute cute...and the sunglasses...looked so good on him...
    Thanks for a wonderful read today and pic's were great too... ta ta for now..from Iowa

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  7. I am not a shopper, but going with my daughter would make it worth it! I wish she lived closer.

    Just taking a break from normal routine is good for the soul.

    Thanks for sharing your fun day.

  8. OMG, that dog is super cool! haha... And so is the place. Gosh, I'll sure jump up & down if I were there. Just look at those stuffs.


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