Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Most of the time I steer away from anything ugly here on the blog. It's not that my life is perfect, it's got plenty of stress and worry just like everyone else. We do live in a  pretty quiet little town, and we are sheltered from a lot of the things that plague larger cities. But that doesn't mean we are free from the dark, ugly side of human nature. When you pick up the newspaper you read about rapes and even murder. 

The ugly I'm talking about is the often forgotten, rarely punished act of dumping an animal. It happened recently to our neighbors who took in a Momma cat who had delivered her kittens under their deck. In a few days another half grown kitten "appeared." That's been two months ago and the kittens have found homes, two of them are staying where they were born!

Then yesterday a Facebook friend in Austin posted a picture of a dog that was left at an abandoned property. It's just unforgivable that we can be so heartless to an animal. Larger cities press charges when animal cruelty is involved. Without the gruesome details, our daughter Amy lost two of her beloved chihuahuas to a neighbors' out-of-control rottweilers. The city of Denton finally took action after they killed a second chihuahua. The ironic thing is that even after this cruel act, Amy forgave the dogs. She said it was the owner who should be punished, for keeping the dogs in horrible conditions in a backyard. 

Like I said, it's not a pretty post today, but it's in my heart to share this. Lots of problems in the world but this one just seems senseless.

*Steven has always been a dog lover, this picture taken (Wilkesboro,NC 1989) of he and Lizzie, our blue tick hound. Yesterday he took that unwanted dog home with him and gave him a name, welcome home Layne!


  1. I agree with you 100%. It seems people who live out in the country are a natural target for people dumping unwanted pets.
    We were the recipients last year of a female cat who promptly gave birth to three more cats....of course my husband is feeding them. We can't walk for cats! I will draw the line at another dog.

    The one we have now was dropped and a neighbor found it and brought it to my animal lover husband. It is a wonderful dog, but a digger of large holes!

  2. It's the same in our small town; they say they're working on changes but it seems to be taking forever. In the meantime, animal abuse and neglect continues.

    I keep a bowl of food and a water bottle on my front porch for strays. It all started when a stray cat had kittens unde the porch a couple of years ago. We had the moma cat spayed and the kittens got good homes... and moma cat lives here permanently now I guess. But she's very generous with the food.

  3. Hi Joycee, We had an experience on Halloween night. My husband took our little dogs out before we retired for the night. We quickly became aware of something screaming in the large bush up against the house. Upon investigating we spotted a little kitten about 4-6 weeks old. He was hungry and thirsty so well fed him some tuna and a little milk. We called him Pumpkin. He is Orange. Harvey made a bed for him out of a box which he took too immediately. We kept him a few days then took him to the shelter. They assured us he would probably be adopted quickly. I sure hope that is the case. We are both allergic to cats so we would not be able to have him in the house. I felt he needed a home where he could be an indoor cat. I pray that he has found a good loving home.

  4. I'm not surprised so many of you have BIG hearts! Humans must do better, be kinder...

  5. Joycee, that's great that Steven took the dog home! I can't wait to see & hear more about him...:)JP

  6. My family are animal lovers! But just can't afford for more. We only have one dog and not willing to let her breed due to the dumping problem.


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