Thursday, November 4, 2010

What was I thinking?

I was eavesdropping  following my daughter's posts on Facebook last week. That's really what Facebook is all about you know, snooping keeping up with what our friends and family are doing. She had posted she hoped no one could see the get up she had on when she takes the kids to school. It starts with pj's, then she adds sweats and a hat, no makeup and flip flops. God forbid that someone comes over to the van and has to talk to her, it would destroy her to be seen like that.

She has learned her drop off skills from me, I had some pretty scary outfits that I wore to the bus stop when they were growing up! When you live in the country, you let your natural side come is optional. Matching clothes are optional, appropriate shoes are optional, even a coat in winter is optional if you are just going to be gone on a "quick errand."

Since we had a horse, calves and chickens to feed after I took the girls down to the highway to catch the bus, my outfit was pj's, OLD blue robe, denim work jacket and boots. I had these terrible cowboy boots made of cheap vinyl that kept my feet clean and dry no matter how muddy the pasture was. The girls called them "Snake Boots!" But the trip to the bus stop took all of 5 minutes and I was back home to feed and then into the house and my warm houseshoes.

Countless times I've made decisions that I look back and say, "What was I thinking?"
That mornings' trip to the the bus stop minus a coat and in my houseshoes was one of them! The trusty bus driver picked the girls up and off they went. That was when I realized the car wouldn't start, in fact it wouldn't even turn over. There I set in my pj's, my old blue robe and my fuzzy houseshoes. That's another thing about the country, people don't just come along every few minutes. It didn't take long for me to realize my only option was walking the 1/4 mile back to the the snow/mud and the cold. When I got home I fed the animals, went in through the garage and threw my pink fuzzy houseshoes in the trash!

After that I improved my dress code. I wore season appropriate clothing and shoes. It made a great story to tell the girls "Things not to do!"


  1. You made my heart smile! We lived a couple miles in on a camp road. Our choice was to meet the bus at 6:45am at the end of the road, or for me to drive the extra 5 miles at 7:20 and drop them off at school. I went with dropping them off at school. One morning, I witnessed the bus-duty teachers having quite a laugh at the expense of a mom in her pjs and bed head hair. I decided then to not get caught. I never did. I have just been caught by the UPS driver ~ with my out-door shower! Life in the Country!

  2. Obviously I don't drop any kids off anywhere any more - - - but I DO make fast food runs in my PJ's all the time.

    When I do, I remember back in the day when our kids were small, we were going somewhere early in the morning, and there was one of our church friends, in the middle of the intersection in her fuzzy slippers, robe, and jammies - - - she'd been in a car accident AFTER dropping her kids off at school - - - -

    It happens.

    And at THIS stage in my kids lives, I don't WANT to snoop on their facebook - - - I will see things there that I don't want to know they are doing - - - -

    I'm just sayin'

  3. I used to threaten my kids that if I got a call from the school about one of them then I would be coming down there in whatever I was wearing at the time and who knows if I would be out of my pajamas yet.
    Was that child abuse?

  4. Lori, that is the best idea to get good behaviour from kids I've ever heard! Gonna pass this along to my daughters!!!

  5. Laurie, ok...I have to know, did you have a towel on when the UPS guy caught you???

  6. Keetha, I was in a fender bender years ago in my worst sweats, no makeup and bedhair. My son-in-law(at the time...)sees me in the middle of the intersection on his way to work and calls my daughter, "I think I just saw your Mom on College Street, but I'm not sure!"

  7. Great story, thank you for sharing it.

  8. Being a tom-boy and a Capricorn, I'm the practical one. I always have spare stuff in the car or Jeep for "just in case" & "what if". Before I forget, I'm heading your way for potato soup!!!!...:)JP

  9. Joycee: Thanks for visiting my blog, and I am delighted to return the visit! Your title picture of the road covered in fall leaves reached out and grabbed me. I'll be back!

  10. I saw you on Jp's "Home in the Hollow' and decided to drop by and see your blog.. It is so delightful~! It made me laugh at the story of taking kids to the bus stop with pink fuzzy slippers and jam.. I drove school bus for 23 years and I can't tell you how many mom's were dressed just like that.. One day I was dropping off the kids that were on my bus at the school.. I just sat and laughed when I saw this mom running across the school grounds in her PJ"s slippers in the dead of winter chasing after her dog that had gotten out of the car. Oh my ~ it was fun for me to watch but I'm sure it was not for her.. So I got out of my bus and helped her.. She was so thankful~! I will be back to see or read your next post... Have a great's 45 degrees and sunny in Iowa, where the tall corn grows... ta ta for now~!

  11. This post has given me a good grin! While I don't have any children to go to the bus stop with, I have to admit to wearing some pretty colorful things when I take the dogs out--It's a good thing I live in the country! :-)

  12. Fortunately, the bus picked my children up right by our front door. If I had driven them to the bus stop, I'm sure I would be telling stories even today.

  13. i love the threat of showing up to the principal's office in whatever you have on!!!

  14. I really enjoyed this one!

    We live out in the country and I have been caught out back in the garden so many times looking downright scary that I now get ready for the day. First thing is my makeup, mostly because I want that suncreen protection on (one tiny skin cancer removed already on my forehead).

    I have actually squatted down in the corn and hid until people left before I would let them see me in some of my outrageous garbs for gardening.

    I don't care nearly as much these senior days, but I still do the make up!


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