Tuesday, February 1, 2011

20 and 10 and -4

Ben here...
All day long Mom's been talking on the phone and I keep hearing her say something about a "blizzard." I think I had a bite of one of those one time when we went through Dairy Queen. The tv's been turned to the "number channel" and they keep saying 20's and 10 and -4 degrees over and over.

She stands there and looks at it all worried so I'm getting nervous too. The last time she looked like this, we had an ice storm and we were pretty much stuck at home for a few days. She was gone for a while today and when she came back she had a lot of those white bags. I smelled a yummy chicken but most of it was useless stuff like bread and fruit. I did see a new package of Pupperoni's so that's good. 

I kinda like the snow, it's not bad when you have a coat like a polar bear. I'm just gonna chill and see what happens. 

My best bud Ringo will be over first thing in the morning to see if I want to play. He only knows how to play the run in the snow game...not as much fun as the sit in the snow game! One thing for sure, Mom will be in the kitchen baking something,...that's her modus operandi!


  1. Cute post! Love the way your doggie thinks! ;)

  2. Well, Ben all I can tell you is that we (Moon and Copper) will be here in the Hollow with mommy. You lucky DOG to be getting snow...we're getting rain and you know how that makes us smell!!!...:)JP

  3. I wish I had a coat like a polar bear or was just as cute as Ben. I prefer the sit in the snow game too. Stay warm and well fed. Enjoy a Pupperoni for me ;)

  4. Well Ben, you and my Ben would have a grand ole time play-sitting in the snow. My Ben doesn't have your glorious coat tho, and needs to WEAR a coat.

    I'm softening butter for chocolate chip cookies, when in blizzard conditions, bake! ...

  5. Joycee,
    That is me, in that little pink pocket in southern IN. I went to Target on my lunch hour yesterday and spent $84.00!
    I'm here at work today...we are supposed to get more ice. We'll see. Great post! Stay warm!

  6. Enjoy the fluffy white stuff when it arrives. Photos of the poochies are toooooo cute!

  7. We are just waiting for the second have of our monster due any time now. Stay safe and warm.

  8. Now that is a dog in polar bear clothing if I ever saw one. How adorable is that!

  9. A great post! The weather does affect us all in such different ways!

    Chicken and dumplings! That does sound good. I need to see if I still have a chicken in the freezer.

    Our dog has one of those polar bear coats which is good because he won't come inside the house!


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