Saturday, February 19, 2011

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot~ Michael Althsule

Blink, it's Christmas. Blink, it's Spring. Blink again and we are back to Christmas! At least that's what it feels like that to me. Most people say that comes with age, it seems that time just flies by. My mother in law says she looks in the mirror and wonders who the 86 year old woman is looking back at her. The good news she doesn't feel her age. She swings her legs out of bed every morning with a plan. She works with purpose cleaning the house, making the beds, getting the wash done and put away. Then there's lunch to fix, always a dessert planned and finally onto her passion, her quilting. She attacks her day, almost like when she worked and had to budget her time. I encourage her to leave her robe on after breakfast and read the paper, but that's not her style. She's still" flying her plane" and she doesn't need any help from me!


  1. wow...i so want to be like your mother-in-law...she could probably run circles around at 86 versus me at 58! going to start today!..does she do the computer...I think that is my

  2. Your MIL knows what she is doing! My motto is "inactivity breeds inactivity!".

    Time does fly; I am always amazed when the weekend comes and another week has flown by.


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