Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beautiful Morning

Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday.... I remember Mom standing on the service porch in our house on Summit ironing away, a big basket of starched clothes that had been "sprinkled." Mom's big wash was put out on the lines right after  the breakfast dishes were done, carried in at the end of the day Monday and the starched shirts, pants, pillowcases, handkerchiefs and doilies were sprinkled down with the green coke bottle just for this purpose. The following morning Mom set up the wood ironing board on the enclosed back porch, turned on the little brown Emerson radio and tuned it to KWTO's morning show. Bill Ring's distinctive voice would boom across the airwaves with songs to pick up your spirits. The jingle that introduced the show is stuck in my brain today, my earliest musical memory!
Oh, what a beautiful mornin', Oh, what a beautiful day. I got a beautiful feelin' Ev'rything's goin' my way! Music stays with you,  it adds a layer of goodness to memories that we hold most dear!


  1. I remember those days! And my grandmother's mangle iron. I can still see her sitting there ironing the sheets and pillow cases. :-)

  2. Ask me how much I hate ironing :-)

  3. Thanks for the memories. We didn't have a cool porch, I remember mom ironing in the kitchen early in the morning, with Eddy Jason on WHBY Radio. Ahhhh the simple life days.

  4. I love that movie.. "Oklahoma".
    When I was 9 years old I was given the job of ironing all the clothes.
    My mom and I would sprinkle the clothes and put them in a large plastic bag. Next morning I had my coke bottle with the sprinkle thingy on top and iron away I did. My mom had everything ironed. even socks and t-shirts -sheets-pillowcases ect. There were 2 boys and 2 girls in my family with my Mom and Dad.. Lots of ironing. I usually took me two days to get it all done..
    Those were the days when children were taught resposibility.
    I look back now and I still remember it with fond memories.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~!

  5. I used to have to iron all of my husbands clothes for work....I haven't ironed anything in years....there are advantages to living on a farm.

  6. I remember sprinkling clothes with a Coke bottle. And you're right about music. I've been singing right along to the '50's on 5 on Sirius satellite radio all morning.

    Heading to Harrison, Arkansas, on Friday for Lucy's first birthday.

  7. My mother always ironed on Sunday afternoon. She would iron all of our uniform blouses for the week. Nice post!!

  8. Pretty cool video...I'll probably be singing this in the morning...LOL

  9. I remember washing and ironing days, too. Thanks for the memories and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  10. Oh my! I remember the sprinkler!!
    Seemed like my mom ironed all the time. Unfortunately, her ironing habits did not trickle down to me - I do not like to iron. But when I do, I have my ipod going with all my favorite music.


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