Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belly Ache

No warning, zap my desktop is sick, down with a virus. She's not been anywhere to catch a bug so I'm not sure how it happened. She gets lots of exercise so that's not it. I feed her daily does of blogspot tonic and she always wears her Norton Security Suite coat when she goes outside. Nonetheless, she's sick, but I know just who to call. This happened once before with her brother the laptop, I'll just ringy-dingy the doctor...


  1. LOVE IT MOMMA!!! this'll be in my head all day : )

  2. Hope the doctor makes house calls.

  3. What a bummer Joycee...yes, I do think this computer repair is never ending! I swear the next time I buy a laptop it will be the cheapest one I can buy...use it for the year or two it lasts and move that we got a new we have to re-do our wirelsss printer...blah blah...a conspiracy ! I tell in there...

  4. Let's get all these geniuses that make up viruses and give them a paying job! Good luck on your computer. That is such a fun Muppets clip! I love them still. Joni

  5. Virus! the word alone is enough to make me nervous.

    Hope the recovery is simple and speedy!

  6. Sure sorry about this virus! They are such a pain...not to mention expense!


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