Sunday, February 20, 2011


Bff's Donetta, Stephanie and Alisha and little sister Amy (1987)

When old friends get together, the years melt away just like time has stood still! Yesterday our daughter and her bff's got together for lunch. They each went different directions after high school and over 20 years has passed. How can that be?  It seems like only yesterday they were running around, going to the Hi Di Ho and spending Friday nights together. "Mom....can Alisha spend the night?" Mom, can I go to the movies with Donetta? "Mom, can I go to the game with Alisha, Donetta and Michelle?

Stephanie said they took up where they left off, kidding each other and all talking at once! I feel sorry for the other diners at MarketPlace Grill, they probably got and earfull! Lots of things to catch up on... they talked about their kids, some are teenagers now and even a new baby on the way. They ate lunch, laughed and shared just like when they were at Elmwood Junior High, long before they knew what life had in store for them. Marriages and failed marriages, worry and heartbreak, sleepless nights and days they thought would never end when they were raising little ones. But they made it through and life is good, for all of them. They are blessed beyond measure and best of all, they still have each other.

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  1. That picture is great!.. I'll tell ya - we have no idea when we're that age what lies ahead.. so good to have a chance to reconnect with people who meant so much to us growing up.


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