Friday, February 25, 2011

Buffalo River Honey Company

I love to blog about Arkansas and it's beauty~we are so lucky to enjoy thousands of acres of wilderness that remain virtually untouched by man. The beautiful Buffalo River Area in Arkansas' Boston Mountains is home to a company that prides itself in producing a wild honey completely free of chemical pesticides. The wilderness and the bees join to make the floral scents and tastes of honey unlike any you've ever tasted. I first had Buffalo River Honey when Mom and I stopped at the Neighbor's Mill Bakery and Cafe in Harrison, Arkansas. It was served with our meal to be drizzled over their homemade Artisan bread. I have to tell you that my Dad had bee hives and we are spoiled for "the best"....  that would be this honey!

Eddie and Carla Watkins and their twin girls operate only 100 hives at their Newton County aviary, each season bringing a harvest of honey that varies in taste and fragrance. If you can't visit Buffalo River Honey Company, just click on the link below and you can order directly from this artisan company dedicated to the century old art of beekeeping.

*If you've wondered how beekeepers gather the honey, Rural Arkansas did an informative article on the Watkins'  this month. They share how everything that's used in the process is re-purposed into other products, like beeswax candles, perfume and lip balms. Read the article at...


  1. I love honey...good honey, Joy. You are so lucky to have visited a real bee farm!...:)JP

  2. I love honey too.. what a great post,beautiful pictures. I'de love to see more of your Arkansas!...

    And I might just order some of that honey -

  3. Honey on warm homemade biscuits reminds me of my grandfather more commonly known as "Pappy."

  4. The Boston Mountains area is my favorite in probably all of the USA. I live in KC but love to come to Arkansas when I can.

  5. We get local honey too! I love it!

  6. You do live in a beautiful place.
    My husband used to travel in that area and we have visited since...just glorious.

    I love honey. When the local apple orchard is open, I buy it from them.
    It is from a local honey farm in the Greenfield area.

    I was delighted last year to see some honey bees again....found our neighbor has a few that is probably where they came from.

    I love to hear the bees humming when the apple trees are in bloom.


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