Friday, February 11, 2011

Did he just wave at me?

 Wednesday's snowstorm was record breaking amounts for NW Arkansas ranging from 18- 27 inches, all coming in just a few hours. The weatherman had some new "ciphering equipment" that he couldn't wait to try out, measuring the amount of snowfall per hour. We went from an inch an hour to two, then for a while it was four inches per hour! That's when you couldn't see anything outside, just shy of a whiteout. Roads closed, airports closed and for my husband who was here simply because he couldn't make it to work...he just did his best to shovel us out. We ended up with 20" at our house and when it was over, it was time to try out the new SUV!

Highway 12 is curvy and mountainous, making it impossible after snow or ice. The good news, we have a "back way" home. Cloverdale Road is part asphalt/part dirt road, but it's our way to and from town until they get the main roads clear.

The locals who live out our way know the shortcut as well as we do, some even live along this country road. We were enjoying the scenery and driving at a speed safe for the conditions when a pickup gets up on our bumper and wants us to get out of his way. I couldn't believe anyone would want to pass on the one lane that had just been graded, but he did. We got over as far as we could and he waved at us as he flew by, not a neighborly wave though! Jerry returned the favor and he quickly was out of sight, out of mind.

The rest of the drive was totally enjoyable. The beautiful snow made everything look like a Christmas card!

As we got near town the road improved only slightly.

The roads had been graded and sanded but there were few brave souls out. We decided we'd get a bite to eat while we were in town.

We kept our eyes peeled for a place open. The parking lots were piled high with snow, a really good sign that they were closed!

Then we remembered a new place that's just went in where the old Hi D Ho operated for years.  Once a hangout for junior high and high school kids, Rogers was sad when Hi D Ho closed it's doors for the last time.

The new Lucy's Diner fills a void for a restaurant that is open 24 hours and day, serves breakfast anytime, has great burgers and homemade french fries but also serves a great selection of "blue plate" meals. The menu showed  beef roast or meatloaf, chicken and dumplings, pork chops and fried chicken. The long list of sides were favorites like mashed potatoes and gravy, brown beans and cornbread, fried okra, green beans with bacon and your choice of freshly made pies, cakes and cobblers. It was warm inside and as bad as the weather was outside, there was a good crowd! We chose the cheeseburger basket, the true worth of a cafe can be judged quickly by a good burger! It was delicious, wish I'd taken a picture...but trust me on this, it was yummy! 

We headed home just as the sun was setting. Tonights low is supposed to be -5, we are insane to have left our warm house to go out, but it sure was fun!

I know you get tired of hearing me say I love small town America, but I do. I hope the guy that passed us on Cloverdale Road got home safely and someday we'll see him again I'm sure. We have a nice policeman who occasionally sets along the lake waiting for those impatient types!


  1. I love this post. I can hear the silence of the snow and feel the almost holiday-like atmosphere in the cafe. I'd love to live in a small town like that.

    Love the music, too.

  2. This might be a repeat comment - blogger is funky today - I love this post!.. especially seeing a part of the country I've never been to. We live in a small town too, but our area is woodsy and hilly- you see a lot Farther out than us with your flatter lanscape!

    WE're supposed to get a reprieve from the cold this weekend - a balmy 40 degrees! I'll take it!

  3. How small is the small town?
    My husband used to travel in that area and we have driven along his old route before just for fun and he was amazed at how things have grown and changed. He had trouble picking out landmarks.

    The diner food sound delicious.

  4. Glad that your SUV was a success in the snow because you got some great pix! I don't like impatient, rude drivers either!...:)JP

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful snow pictures with us today. Such beautiful pictures!

    And I'm right there with you when it comes to small town America!

  6. The snow is beautiful but I could not imagine getting that much snow at one time. Stay safe & warm!

  7. Hi Joycee,
    Beautiful pictures, but jeepers it looks like my small town in Michigan, not Arkansas. Tis not right for you to have so much snow. But lucky you, it will not last long! Ours just goes on and on!! Oh well, Florida here I come for a month. Yay!!

  8. You sure got hit hard there! I loved the tour of your little town in the snow. I used to love going out after a snowstorm, or in them, but not any more. Everything always looks so quiet and peaceful after a storm like that. Take care!!

  9. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure to town. Beautiful pictures of snow and town. Peaceful, except the guy in the truck. There's always one.

  10. That sure is a lot of snow. I guess I wont grumble about the 1/2" we had a few days ago here in Texas. It is really cold here this winter I left Maine to get away from that, but I guess no one was spared this year... pretty cold everywhere.

  11. Oh Joycee if I can't get snow this year thanks for letting me see yours! It is so lovely and peaceful. I am sorry that the little restaure Hi-D-Ho is no longer in business -- I love that name! People can be so impatient and if that ever happens to me I always think they are just being extra friendly. Joni

  12. What a great pictorial of winter times in the colder states! Lucy's diner is one that all towns should have!

  13. Oh wow! You really did get it. We melted in 3 or 4 days. Not much left. Only the shady spots.

  14. Yea, I do believe the young gentleman was probably just waving at you. lol The scenery is just beautiful though. I love the silence of snow.


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