Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Does your vacuum suck?

I heard a very interesting show on XM the other day when I was running errands. It was about vacuum cleaners and their ratings according to Consumer Reports magazine. You don't think vacuums are THAT interesting??? What's wrong with you... knowing how to pick the best vacuum rates right up there with choosing a family doctor! If you had Ben living at your house your ears would have perked up too, it's a constant battle to stay ahead of the furry mess he leaves everywhere! It was open lines and people spilled their guts telling how many vacuums they owned and what their favorite brands were. I am embarrassed to say we own 7 vacuums and I use each and everyone of them on a regular basis. One thing about living in a multi-floor house you NEED vacuums on each floor. I can remember when we were building I scoffed at the price of a central vac, it was over $1,000 and that was "too rich for my blood" as Mom always said! Well...if I add up how much I've spent on vacuums for each floor, and the trouble of plugging in cords and dragging hoses I have to say I made a big mistake not just sucking it up (get it?) and shelling out the big bucks. They mentioned Hoover Anniversary Wind Tunnel upright was one that rated very high in their tests. The first vacuum we ever bought was a Hoover and it lasted 19 years!  I now have the Wind Tunnel P.AW.S. model that I use on the upstairs carpet and the Hoover Nano Cyclonic bagless for the first floor, perfect for our hardwoods and wool rugs. Mostly it's dog hair, dog hair and more dog hair. It's gotta suck good or I'm in trouble!They also said the Eureka's Airspeed AS100A performed well in tests because of wide tubes that increase the amount of airflow for better suction.  I have 3 Eureka Vacuums, a Eureka Maxima that I use downstairs in the family room and 2 Eureka Boss Super Lites that I use for the stairs (it's perfect for the 12" wide tread) and one we keep at the boat dock for vacuuming the pontoon boat. Two of our best vacuums live in the garage, the Craftsman wet/dry vac has saved our lives several times when rooms got flooded or the job was just too big for the other vacuums. My favorite vac, I know we shouldn't have favorite children or favorite vacuums but I can't help it when we are talking about suction...  is my handheld 15.6v Black and Decker Dust Buster. He's my buddy, he's my best friend. He's been with me for several years now and I love him, I'm not ashamed to say that...he's been very good to me! He never complains about having to work overtime on dog hair or spilled coffeegrounds. The other vacuums would rebel if  I made them work as hard as him. So you can see I'm a little dedicated to the brands I like best! Raise your hand if you are having  a similar love affair going with your vac right now...


  1. Oh man, I had a cenral vac system installed into the first home we built back in the late 60s and it was awesome! Today I rely on my Dyson, for everything.

  2. With having one black Scottie and 6 daycare kiddies my sweeper has to do a good job. (The parents track in more than the kids.) LOL My black Miele, which I saved up for, did a great job for about 6 years. Now I use a Kirby which is very strong and durable. The kids know that Peg likes clean and it does make a good impression on them for later on in life.

  3. I think I will save this post for later use...

    I don't have any of the brands mentioned, but I do have a Panasonic Performance Plus Premium upright that I love. It goes from hardwood to carpet with no adjustments and it does a super job. It is the only one I have used that would get the kids dogs hairs off my dining room carpet.
    I used to have to use tape to pick up those long white hairs.

    I don't envy you gals with several floors. I would have to spread my cleaning out over several days!

  4. My favorite is a cheapie...Black & Decker!...:)JP

  5. I'm a one vac girl- Dyson rules at my house. Between cat hair and hay that the hubs brings in after feeding the's got to do it all.

  6. OMG JOycee, what an interesting post! I giggled all the way down. haha.... That's why I never like carpets in my house except door mats. I knew it is going to be a sucker especially with dogs around. Probably, living in a four seasons land is different. You need carpets on those floors to keep the place cozy warm. :o) Meaning that you need more works! Glad you found a good buddy. Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Cheers, Kristy


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