Thursday, February 24, 2011

Elvis is in the building...

Jamestown residents couldn't believe their eyes yesterday,

...they actually were spellbound,


Because Elvis was in the building!

He serenaded the ladies...

He made their hearts go pitter~patter...

Time stood still... nurses stopped nursing, cooks stopped cooking!

They were carried back in time, back to 1950 when they used to hear Elvis on the radio. Favorite songs like Blue Suede Shoes and Jailhouse Rock.

Who would have ever dreamed he'd be here now so close, singing I Can't Help Falling in Love With You?

He kissed every hand...

He sang to each lady's heart...

He made them feel like kids again!

Memories brought back...

... just enjoying the day.

Some of us almost swooned...

Some danced again...

Love was definately in the air!

These 3 gentlemen are in for a fun afternoon with a gaggle of gals who have hearts in their eyes!

Elvis gave his all, he wowed us!

We can thank this sweet little lady for having friends in high places...

It may have been a cold day in Arkansas... but Jamestown was on fire with a Hunka, Hunka Burning Love!


  1. This kind of made me cry...what a sweet thing for Elvis to do for that is an act of kindness if I ever saw one!

  2. Sure beats the hell out of bingo. I'm betting those sweet little old ladies slept with dreams of the 50's that night.

  3. how wonderful. i'll bet he had them "all shook up"! looks like a fun time.

  4. What a great post! It sure lifted my spirits on a rainy Thursday.

  5. I love all the pictures!! I got to show my husband & kids the wonderful people I take care of!! I missed out that day that's for sure!! I love it looks like all my honey buns had a blast lil sweet things!!

  6. Well, you just made me cry! What a wonderful idea. Just yesterday afternoon, I went and spent a little time with my hubby's aunt & uncle who are in a rehab home, probably never to return to their own. As I left, they both thanked me for coming, saying "you come more than anyone". I made me happy, then sad, as I realized how seldom I visited. I'm going more often! Thanks so much for this post!

  7. Elvis sure put a smile on everyone's face during his visit! What an entertainer and what a fun way to spend the day! THE KING HAS ARRIVED!

  8. What a lovely thing for Elvis to do, Joy. I love these kinds of events to bring 'smiles' to everyone. So enjoyed your share, made me SMILE, too.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful day ~

  9. Oh, I have tears in my eyes looking at all those sweet souls! Happy happy people enjoying a time long ago forgotten..precious!Thank you for posting this..

  10. I love the looks on their faces, Joy! It reminds me of when I'd go visit my mom in the rest home!...:)JP

  11. Sure didn't mean to make any of you cry today with this post. No one was crying yesterday, the residents LOVED Elvis and he was the best, he gave kisses and hugs to everyone!

  12. I'm not crying here, but he did look like a great Elvis. We used to have an EP club (I wasn't a huge fan) and always called it an Environment Pollution Club. What a fun day. My son goes with our church group and does headstands and even plays his clarinet upside down and they love it. It is nice to get "all shook up" once in awhile. Joni

  13. Hi Joycee I'm not crying honey, I'm smiling up a storm because my two girls are taking me to Graceland in two weeks and I can't wait! What a great post and wonderful pictures. I am now 67 and saw Elvis when I was 15 in Little Rock. Oh how I loved him. Thanks for the trip back...Hugs, Mollye

  14. Who doesn't love Elvis? What a fun time for all the beautiful Jamestown ladies:-)

  15. Oh dear, what a big surprise for all these residents. They could hardly put their eyes off Elvis eventhough he's not! Just look at them. What an awesome entertainment! Who can ever resist the Love from Elvis. :o)

  16. This is the most heart warming post! What a beautiful gift for these darling seniors!

  17. This is the most heart warming post! What a beautiful gift for these darling seniors!


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