Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I have to interrupt today's blog to let you know we are being buried in snow in NW Arkansas this morning. Right now we have 20" on the ground at our house and the weatherman is saying we are getting 2" per hour with predictions of 24" or more before it's all over this afternoon. Then the real problems begin with temperatures dropping to single digits and blowing snow causing drifts 4-6 foot.

I have to get outside asap to fill all the bird feeders. The squirrels have already been knocking at the back door wondering what the heck is going on!

The good news is we bought a 4 wheel drive vehicle yesterday. The bad news is state police say that even 4 wheel drive is can't even see the roads!

It's really pretty, but I can't say that out loud right now. Jerry just spent the last 2 1/2 hours shoveling to try and get to work. As soon as he would shovel off a strip, it would fill back in. We have a steep driveway, duh! and it's hard even with a couple inches.

I plan on making some potato soup and maybe a pan of cornbread for lunch. We've had enough snows that I've about ran through all my hearty "stick to your ribs" meals already! Beans and cornbread, stew, chicken and dumplings, meatloaf and mashed potatoes. You get the idea!

  I know we aren't the only ones who have got hit hard this winter. I know that some places are a lot worse than here on Granny Mountain. But this is something for us, record breaking snow and cold so I just have to whine a little!

I can only dream about sitting out under the big oak trees on the stone patio with the lights all twinkly. As bad as it is, we have upper 50's predicted for the weekend. If we can just hang on...


  1. Oh my goodness! My heart aches for you dear folks! The snow would be bad enough, but the temperatures dropping and the wind drifting the snow will really make it a concern.

    YOU ARE NOT WHINING! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  2. Oh your poor hubs!! Y'all are really getting it. So far, only an inch down here... Amazing the difference between north and south in the state.

  3. Oh wow... Those pictures look like Wisconsin. We did not get snow this round, only below 0 cold and winds. Think warm thougths and enjoy the beauty of the winterwonderland. As long as you have power, you're in good shape... the rest will EVENTUALLY melt!!!

  4. Stay safe and warm and dry. I hope the pantry's stocked and you've got a good fire going. Your photos are gorgeous, Joyce. I know it's rough when you have to deal with it, but from a long distance it looks like you are living in a winter wonderland. Have a good day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Oh, Good Grief! We have only half what you have. How in the world will Jerry get all the way to work if he has this much trouble in the driveway? I sure hope he changes his mind and decides to call in. Use a sick day or something!

    The big benefit to getting stuck in your driveway is that at least you're home!

    Be careful, stay safe.

  6. A snow blower would help with all that shoveling.

    It is absolutely gorgeous - - - I wish we were getting new snow HERE right now, we've already got at least 20 inches, most of which has been on the ground since early December, but no more in the forecast any time soon.

  7. You are getting a bit more than we have gotten in the past week. It sure makes for pretty photos later though..LOL Stay safe.

  8. well stay nice, warm and cozy! i love the snow but then i'm used to it. i hope this warm weekend you have coming up doesn't prove to be to warm to quick and cause floods. that wouldn't be good. enjoy the beauty of the snow!

  9. Hang in there, hang on. Spring is coming. I do love the look of it but hate it on the roads. Why can't it just land in the gardens and lawns and stay off the roads?

  10. I am so jealous! Truly!!

    Happy Valentine's ~
    TTFN ~

    GIVEAWAY ends 2/11

  11. Joycee -- from one who loves snow -- that sounds wonderful (if you don't have to go anywhere). I am jealous. We have had a pretty snowless winter here -- very unusual. Joni

  12. It truly is beautiful! And after all that shoveling, are you able to get off to work? Is there work? Bundle up and keep the water boiling in the kettle...:)JP

  13. I saw this on our news and just couldn't imagine Arkansas with that much snow!

    I worry about him shoveling....cardiologist said it is the most strenuous thing you can do to your heart. Please make him rest beween bouts.

    I need to check into snow blowers for us too.

    Here's two more food ideas:

    Chicken Pot Pie with crust or biscuits.

  14. oh you guys are so nice to worry about us. It's afternoon now and the storm is finally over, we ended up with about 2 feet of snow. Could have been worse...could have been ice and snow! Hubby took the day off, took his time shoveling and now we'll settle down to a warm supper by the fire. "Little House on the Prairie" good!

  15. I can't believe that you are getting this much snow. My good friend lives in Garfield Arkansas..That is in the NE corner of the state.
    Last week we got 15 inches of snow and a blizzard.. Oh my it was coming down good. Now we have below 0 temp's.. It's now -3 degrees.. Just glad the electric didn't go off.. Hope your's stays on.. WHen you don't have to work or go away it's so nice to just stay inside and look out your window.
    Stay warm, stay safe and BE careful~! ta ta for now~!


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