Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ashleigh Burroughs is getting better each day and has returned to blogging. Injured in the Tucson shooting, she has good days and bad. Her blog The Burrow is always entertaining and upbeat. She goes about her days giving and sharing, really a pretty good recipe for a happy life. Last week she shared what happened the night before that fateful Saturday when her world turned upside down. She had been so engrossed in a book that she had skipped dinner. By the time she was hungry, it was 9pm and she opted to go to IHOP for a quick stack of pancakes. As she pulled into the parking lot, her radar told her to be cautious, after all she does live in Tucson. Her encounter with a young man that night... go HERE to read her story. It gives me hope that this generation is listening and ecourages me that parents are still talking to their kids, guiding them to adulthood. It's not just parents, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles too can join in and mold that child into a responsible adult that gives back to society instead of taking away. It's not old fashioned or passe to use manners and have morals in your life. It's actually a pretty good way to assure that your life will be happy.


  1. Great post....
    It is indeed special to have a younger person hold the door for you and so glad you friend is getting better but my heart goes out to her.

  2. It is refreshing seeing kids who have been 'brought up' right or even anyone who is courteous and holds doors or says Thank You in these busy times.

    I enjoyed this post.


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