Monday, February 7, 2011

Not a Chev wo lay

Last week our Grandson Jackson took a major step to adulthood, he bought his first car ! On the snowiest day of the year, he spotted it and took immediate action. You have to do that you know, or the prize slips away. Opportunity knocks but once, good things don't last. If you see something you want, go for it !

Jackson is our first grandson, greatly anticipated and loved beyond words as all our grandsons have been. We doted on him, honing our skills as grandparents. I had wonderful grandparents who doted on me so I had a good example to follow. We reveled in his every accomplishment, all his "firsts" were celebrated with cake ! We marvelled at how smart he was, doing everything "early." Of course all parents/grandparents think that their child is the smartest, but Jackson had an uncanny savant ability when he was only 2. He could identify any car. We would be on the interstate an he'd point and say, "Chev wo lay," "Fword," "Honda!" It was amazing, we couldn't figure out how he could do this so young ! It was the precursor to a love of cars, in his blood... he inherited this from Grandpas and Great-Grandpas. The only kind of car he couldn't identify was this one....

That's exactly what he brought home!


  1. You don't mean you have a grandson who is old enough to drive???

    I can hardly believe it.

  2. The "v's" are always difficult to pronounce at a young age that's why they "go" for them when they're older!!!...:)JP

  3. I LOVED this post! Our first grandchild ever was a grandson...born in Mexico City and while we didn't have opportunity to be with him in person a LOT, we still had our ways of making sure he knew who we were! LOL (Doesn't every grandparent?) Thank the Lord for the internet and web cams and microphones. We played fire truck, cops and robbers, name it!

    When I started reading your post and realized your grandson really was old enough to own a car, my thoughts immediately went to our grandson. He just turned 12 in September, so he has a while to go before he'll be bringing home a car. BUT when he was here with us for a week in August, he was telling me about how long it would be before he could buy a car, and then added, "But Grandma, when I do then I can drive over here to see you all by myself". His parents moved to the East coast when they weren't able to return to Mexico City as missionaries due to health problems.

    Thank you for a special post...and for the memories.

  4. Oh, those Cozy Coups. Our daughter's boys loved theirs. Now they race cars. My how time flies. Oh, and I swear the boys learned math skills very early due to being at the race track - they learned their numbers, how to count laps, learned to keep stats, etc.

  5. opportunity knocks...and so does the ENGINE!!! :)

    love it nana!


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