Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

Kids Snow Day
Stay in your PJ’s all day.
 Make snow ice cream.
Build a fort out of sofa cushions.
Build a tent with a sheet.
Watch old movies.
Curl up on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa.
Play board games.
Play video or computer games.

Dad's Snow Day
Shovel snow.
Chip ice off of driveway.
Spread Snow Melt.
Keep snow off heat pumps.
Fill bird feeders, again.
Take outside pictures for my blog.
Get mail from mailbox at the top of the hill.

Ben's Snow Day
Go in.
Go out.

Go out.
Go in.

Go in.
Go out.

So what did I do all day? Well, I made chicken and dumplings and an apple cobbler. I did a couple loads of laundry. I watched the weather channel until I got sick and tired of them repeating we were going to have blizzard conditions and I did a lot of this...


Click, click!


Oh, good one!


  1. Great one!... and you have some beautiful feeders - I'de like to find the thistle feeder and the large globe feeder...which company makes them?

    Your food sounds delicious too.. my grandmother used to make dumplings, I've never tried them, oddly enough. I should see if I can dig out the recipe.

  2. I concure with the feeders and the birds are so pretty.....Am sure Dad was glad that Mom's chores got done and warmed up on that good home cooking.

  3. I stopped by (from Jay's SWTR column) and am very glad I did and I will come back often. You have a beautiful place here. : )

  4. Joy ~ Where did you get that round feeder & does it keep the squirrels out of it? I love your bird pics ... our birds hid out during the storms for a few days so it was pretty boring.

    Love the family diary of 'events' ... cute. We are ALL getting hammered by this beautiful fluffy white stuff, I am so happy!

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  5. We love to feed our birds but the darn squirrels eat all the food then ruin the feeders. Great winter bird photos.

  6. I've done some laundry, took some photos, downloaded them to the computer and read blogs. I found a recipe I really want to try (Cap'n Crunch Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Marshmallow Frosting) but I've got to wait until the county clears our road to the highway so I can get to the store. I have a well stocked pantry but no Cap'n Crunch or marshmallow creme. Stay safe and stay warm. Your supper sounds wonderful!

  7. Marydon, I left you a message on your blog...the round feeder came from Target and does a pretty good job of keeping the squirrels out. It also keeps the big birds out and I love them too so have two feeders on the back deck! The larger one holds 5# of seed and the squirrels say a big "Thank You" to that...grrrrr!

  8. Karen, not sure of the brands, but the large one I got at Lowe's and the round one at Target this fall. The litte hooligan squirrels are hard on feeders so it's a yearly event trying to find some that are "squirrel proof"...drives me nuts!

  9. Cute post. Thanks for the lovely pictures from someone who did not get any snow.

  10. Love the bird shots! Stay warm! Cheryl


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