Monday, February 28, 2011

Teddy made 75 cents...

"Teddy made 75 cents for raking Mrs. Nelson's yard. He walked home on Main Street, cutting through Mrs. Johnson's backyard. He remembered he owed Tommy Johnson 15 cents for the candy bar the other day. When Teddy got home, his Mom told him to clean his room or he wouldn't get his allowance of 50 cents that week. How much will Teddy have left after he pays Tommy back?"

Remember those math problems? Always seemed impossible to figure out when I was in Mrs. Diffenderfer's fourth grade class. Looking back, and comparing with what our grandsons study, it was easy peasy. By the time they were in fourth grade they were learning some algebra applications. It's a good thing, preparing them early for what life has to dish out. Lots of situations where math will be the most important thing they ever learned at school. No matter whether they work in an office, or a clinic, or a factory...they will use the skills learned to manage their finances. One thing for sure, if you don't have money put back, you are in trouble. That "rainy day" comes around more often than we expect. One of the hardest things about growing up is the fact that no matter how hard you save, it's never enough!

They keep raising the bar on middle class, have you noticed that? If you made $40,000 a year when I was a kid, that was a very good living. The same amount now and you barely squeak by. Investing what we have been able to save is every bit as important as putting the money aside each payday. We leave that decision to someone who does this for a living. In a few short years, we are going to embark on retirement. That scary road that has doctor bills and unforeseen potholes that will drain our savings. I'm already worried but we do have a map that we've been carrying with us a long time now. It shows some of the roads that didn't turn out so well and we've marked them and won't go down that way again. We'll try to stay on the "straight and narrow," following the paths that have worked for us. I just hope there are no tests along the way with Teddy in them!


  1. First let me say how much I love the new header photo; the delicate daffodils with the rough barbed wire... really great!

    Good on you guys that you've kept the road map so that you won't venture down the same "wrong" paths again while approaching retirement. I'm in retirement and financially, it's not pretty but I'm well and happy and that's what is really important to me.

    Oddly enough, my post today is on algebra and a particular teacher or two; I could never figure out problems that Teddy had!

  2. It sounds like you will be very prepared for retirement....and it will be the best time of your lives!

  3. sounds like you are very prepared! we are working on it but have a long way to go. our map took some unexpected turns and set us back. but that's ok. it's called life. have a great week!

  4. Joycee..
    thanks for visiting me and leaving such a wonderful comment.. I hope to see you again.
    Excellent post!
    No matter how well prepared one may be, all it takes is one catastrophic illness and /or loss of employment in this economy to wipe out the best laid plans and savings for a rainy day! But you are on the right path..with your map to guide your way to retirement!
    warmest hugs..

  5. Joy, retirement is not as easy as I thought it was going to be...that's for sure! It's a hard road sometimes as long as you don't bite off more than you can chew....:)JP

  6. We are slowly getting our plan together, I am so excited, but worried too. I think unforeseen medical issues scare me more than anything else!


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