Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Blink, blink...

Eleven years ago today, our world changed forever when Gavin Parker came into the world! Much anticipated, prayed about and celebrated... we had no idea what this little present would mean to us. It's hard to explain why becoming Grandparents stikes the heartstrings like no other, but it does. It's almost like you birth them, you remember what you felt like when their Mom was born.

Gavin is so much like his Dad and his Grandpa's and his Great-Grandpa's! He loves cars and motors and boats, he loves meat and potatoes, but he hates green beans and salad! He's the best of us and the worst of us all rolled into one special package!

Glued to his Dad, he's soaking up everything he needs to become a strong man. Since he could walk, he's been watching and listening to everything his Dad has ever told him. Like a little computer, he can tell you all about what makes a car run or a computer work.

Sometimes the second kid gets lost in the shadow of your first, not so with Gavin. He may be the baby in the family but he's a strong force to contend with! His feet are firmly planted on the ground...

This year for his birthday, most of his gifts revolved around the lawn mower he's rebuilding. This lawn mower used to be his Great-Grandpa Risley's. When he gets finished with it, it's gonna be like no other 29 year old Lawn Chief ever made!

We're celebrating tonight with meatloaf and mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cake and ice cream. I'm going to enjoy the moments and try not to think of what's just a blink.blink.blink ahead of us. Happy Birthday Gavin!!!


  1. Great post... oh how I know the woe of the blinking.. it goes to fast!

  2. Wishing Gavin the happiest of birthdays!

  3. They grow up too fast, I'm glad you're taking time to cherish the special and not so special moments with Gavin!!!

  4. What a special tribute to Gavin!

    Happy birthday!

    Today is our first grandchild's birthday....she will be 16 years old. I see a car in her future. She has been waiting for this moment for some time.

  5. What a good young man...and it will only get better! ;D

  6. I was just thinking of you the other day! I haven't been to visit in too long. What a doll! I agree, you cannot explain what grandchildren mean - I tried to explain to my friends and it wasn't until they had their own that they got it.

    What a kid - rebuilding a lawn mower?!!! Sounds like a perfect comfort food/ kids meal. Happy Birthday Gavin buddy!

  7. My husband used to say, if he had known what fun the grandkids were going to be, he would have had them first!

  8. Gavin sounds like a lovely grandson! Happy Birthday!

  9. i BLINKED!!! can't believe he's not a baby anymore : (


  10. What a lovely birthday yummy dinner for such a fabulous fella! Happy Birthday Gavin!

    I ordered the Poo-Doo, doing a giveaway soon with it ... it is AWESOME! TYSM

    Have a beautiful day, my friend ~
    TTFN ~


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