Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Doctor Dan

Brave Ms. Jayme over at the Coop is an open book, what you see is what you get with her. She shares much on her blog, from the bereavement of dearly departed chickens, the ups and downs of parenting, her weight struggle and now facing the real demon...ADHD. From childhood she had all the symptoms... overwhelmed, racing thoughts, and IMPULSIVE! That's the big one, that's the one that won't let you rest even when your body is so tired that you can't go another step. Jayme said this website really has helped her.

Daughter Amy struggles with OCD and now they say bi-polar disorder. One doctor, then another...try this med, now try this one. Her 30 years wracked with feelings of just not feeling "normal" everyone else. I'm Mom and I worry, I can't put a band aid on this.

Amy's now the Mom and she's the one putting band aids on knees and kissing boo boos. I wish sometimes we could go backwards in time. Maybe something we did or didn't do. I used to read this Little Golden Book to her. She'd listen and turn the pages. I wasn't thinking then how fast she would grow up and I didn't know the struggles she would face. The world was a simpler place then, we drove around without even wearing our seat belts most of the time. I guess if you are lucky enough to be able to cope with the stresses of life that's something. But it's not too much to ask that we can have joy in our life. To be able to enjoy the sunshine and a day at the park without that little storm cloud ruining it for us.
Like I said, I'm the Mom and I worry.a.lot.


  1. I think it's a mom's job to be concerned about their chicks no matter their ages. I'm so glad God is there to talk to about it.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for being such an open book this morning. Your post touched my heart. My boys are 15, 13, and 9, and when my older two were small, I wasn't a very good mom in a lot of ways. I was trying to deal with healing my very troubled childhood while at the same time learn how to NOT parent the way I was raised. I didn't succeed very well. I carried so much guilt that at time it felt like I was going to suffocate. But I finally accepted God's forgiveness and then I was able to forgive myself. I got some really good counseling, started taking an anti-depressant, and now I am a pretty good mom. Whenever I still see my boys displaying behaviors that go back to the damage I did to them when they were younger, I have to accept God's forgiveness all over again, and pray that He will undo the damage that I have done. What I strive for every single day is to be the best mom TODAY that I can be, and not live in the past. I can't change it. In the past 2 yrs we are finally seeing the fruit of the better parenting we have been striving for. I would just encourage you to accept God's forgiveness for any mistakes you made, forgive yourself, and then place your daughter in God's hands. I will be praying for you all! :) Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Thank you Debby so much for sharing with me your struggles, we all have them. I do have peace in my heart that we were the best parents we could be for both our girls. That's sometimes not enough. I just hurt when she hurts and her life is typical, work-home-back to work life of so many young families. I was so lucky to be the generation that got to stay home with my kids. You are so right, be the best Mom you can be each day...that's God's plan for us to improve, don't you think?

  4. Sweet Joycee! Thank you so much. You've no idea the wrestling that's gone on in my soul over sharing my struggle. At first - I thought - oh, I'm happy to - this will help someone - and then I began to feel vulnerable - like people think I'm crazy, or weak, or crazy - or crazy! There are so many blogs out there that make everything pretty. If you read enough of them - you can think that you can't measure up, or that there is nothing wrong in that person's life - thereby making you feel a tad inferior. Not that I'm saying that there is anything WRONG with those blogs - by no means - but for me - I'm not one of those bloggers - I don't know how to be. I AM Superwoman - please don't get me wrong ..but sometimes my leotard has a run, or get bunched up in my crack. There. I said it! HA! See..there is no impulse control for someone with ADHD. I'm by no means taking this diagnoses too seriously. Life is fun and I have the energy to enjoy it! I worry myself half to death over Aaron. You know Joycee - you did what you knew to do when you did it. How can you fault yourself for that? Maya Anjelou says 'When you know better, you do better'. Be at peace. You are a wonderful mom, blogger, friend, sister. I'm so happy to know you. And this my friend, is THEE longest comment I've ever left on a blog in the history of my blogging! AND, I like this font on your blog much better. I had trouble reading the script font. Amen.

  5. Long comment much appreciated, and your posts... they just knock me down with wisdom or laughter, one or the other! I love the "perfect blogs"where their house is clean, they make beautiful gourmet meals and their front porches all have appropriate decorations for the season...but that's not my life. You are one of the good ones, and I don't mean blogger. You are real and it comes through loud and clear. Keep on churning out the good blogs missy and soon you will have to write a book!

  6. Joy, "once a mom, always a mom" is my motto!

  7. I don't think there's ever an end to the worry, is there.

  8. Howdy from the Poverty Dieter in Denton! I just saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd come on over and visit yours.

    I loved this part, "But it's not too much to ask that we can have joy in our life. To be able to enjoy the sunshine and a day at the park without that little storm cloud ruining it for us.
    Like I said, I'm the Mom and I worry.a.lot."

    I completely understand.

    It's wonderful that you live in such a beautiful place, by the way. I always wish I lived somewhere prettier than Denton, so that when life was feeling heavy, at least I'd have something pretty to look at.

  9. Thanks so much Robin for the compliment, we love living in the middle of no where with deer and squirrels for neighbors! Denton is a beautiful old town, I love the downtown area around the college. Our daughter Amy lives there with her family!


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