Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Million Dollar Friend

Dave Hastings isn't on the front page of the paper, he didn't win the Publisher's Clearinghouse Million Dollar Prize this year, but he's a rich man when it comes to friends. His easy going style and honesty makes him a good guy to have in your corner... my SISTER-in-law found this out a couple years ago when a fall left her stranded on her bathroom floor for 18 hours. Lifelong friends, Dave had been a friend to the both of them, but after my brother died he stepped up. Not many friends do that, the funeral comes and goes, the days spread out and life sets in. The daily-ness of life... bills to pay, groceries to get, appointments to meet. My sister faced it alone and as hard as it was, Dave had her back. He was there to fill in, to be that friend that she could count on.

Terry's story is at Roba Dolce's blog this week, go by and read the heartwarming words of true friendship. It's a good reminder that we need real friends in our lives. Facebook is great but they are just faces on a page, they won't call you to see how your day is going, they won't pick up a loaf of bread for you when you're getting low and when you really need them... it's the Dave's of the world that make a difference!


  1. :-) I loved this story too...

  2. lovely story Joycee :) True friends come from God, angels here on earth!

  3. Friends are sometimes better than family!...:)JP


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