Friday, March 11, 2011

Old City

Once you arrive at Old City, you are a little 'askeered' of change. Those of you out there that aren't old and speak Best Buy or any other tec languages are laughing right now. I live on the outskirts of Old City actually, it's one street up from where I am...and I hope I can keep it at a distance! I've done my best to keep up with technology. I read and I google and I keep my eyes and ears open to new things. I used to watch the Jetson's Saturday mornings and loved that cartoon. Living in a glass house with a spaceship for a car and a robot maid was just the kind of life that appealed to me. Of course I was 8 and buttered toast was the only thing I really cared much about.

My silly laptop is now running the show. He decides for me when we leave a comment at blogs and when we don't. He just digs his silly little heels into the mud and won't budge, no matter how many times I click comment. Not all blogs, he seems to know the ones where I leave long winded comments...the kind that take like 5 minutes to type and then he says, "Nope, not letting you post this one!" grrrrrrrrrr

I've been asking for advice from fellow bloggers who know their stuff. I've changed this setting and that setting. I've clicked on yes and no in the appropriate boxes, but nothing is working. Like I said Mr. Laptop is in control. He and Ben are in co-hoots to drive me to Crazyville, not a far trip from Old City....


  1. I'm glad to hear it is just not me having the problem, Joyce...sometimes I have to click three times or more for it to take the comment...frustrating! to say the the least...especially on the ones that have word verification..sometimes I just give up..

  2. I sincerely hope MY blog is not one you have trouble at! The word verification thing is just a necessary evil to keep out the spam or crazies. I don't want to drive anyone to 'Crazyville!'

  3. What stuns me is how things can be find and you wake up the next day and something isn't working anymore.

    Blast some of the automatic updates. That is what I blame.

    I can't log in to Garden Web about half the time.

  4. I've experienced the same type things plus lately, most times if there are photos on a blog they don't pull up the first time (only the little red x's in boxes) then I have to reload to get the photos to come up. Uggghhh!

  5. I've had that happen to me as well, Joy. Sometimes I exit the blog site altogether and then re-open it....:)


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