Sunday, March 20, 2011


I was Googling away yesterday, searching for how to get my garbage disposal to start again when it needs the "allen wrench trick," when I came across this natural product that will solve a daily problem... well, almost daily problem. Do I blog about this find or keep my trap shut? It's a delicate subject, most people would store the information and not share this tidbit. Me, I can't wait to tell someone else about this wonderful invention!!! What is it that everyone on this planet needs and doesn't even know about?  Let me set the stage, you are at work or a friend's house or in a restaurant when last night's bad choice of a King Burrito strikes. You visit the facilities, then frantically search for the air freshner and spritz a few times...maybe a few more times! Then reality sets in and you realize the smell isn't going anywhere. It's floral alright, but in a "barnyard/cows in the pasture" kind of way. At our house we announce, "You don't want to go in there for awhile!"

If you had only packed this little bottle of spray in your purse ladies or pocket gentlemen, you wouldn't be facing this dilemma. Poo~ Pourri is simply sprayed directly in the toilet bowl water before you go and it eliminates the odor, essential oils are the secret ingredient.

I clicked on the location tab and who woulda guessed, I can buy it locally at 3 different places! It's not expensive, you can order HERE  and for less than $10 never have to plan your "King Burrito Binges" again! They even have pet sprays for the worst odors...BEN this is just for you and for that hard to buy for person in your life, the one who loves joke gifts...


  1. G'morm, Joy ~
    I'm on this like a duck in water ... what a fabulous find ... TY for sharing.

    Another fabulous product line is Beaumont Products, Citrus Magic. They are natural products & cover a wide variety of bathroom, kitchen, etc. lines.

    Have a eautiful day, sweet friend.
    TTFN ~

  2. You are so funny! But I admit, with a somewhat red face, that I've had just this problem. This is great!
    Can you say, "Stocking stuffers?!"

  3. I am thinking Easter gift for a certain member of my family who shall remain nameless.

  4. Wow, it would be great to leave in the bathroom at work!!

  5. My hubby thought this was going to be the best thing since sliced bread, so he bought some. It is OK, though I find the scent a bit cloying. I still prefer my vanilla cinnamon spray.


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