Sunday, March 6, 2011

Simple, basic transportation

All that hippie music I posted the other day brought back a flood of memories! Someone commented that I would be shocked to know how much the old VW Bus would bring on Ebay. I do kind of regret that we don't still have it, I loved that bus! It was so much fun to drive... just like a school bus I'd load the kids in and off we'd go. It was "utilitarian," the most basic transportation known to mankind~ AM radio, no AC, no carpets. Amy was 2, it was 1981 and it made me feel like like a kid when I drove it! Hey, I was a kid...I was 30 but when you're 30 you think you are old!

We've had some very interesting cars through the years that might actually be worth something now. When we owned them, they were money pits. Every payday hubby would be out replacing something that was broken... clutch, fuel pump, brake pads. We owned a Corvair when Stephanie was a baby. I actually had a Corvair for my first car and I loved it too. It was the prettiest baby blue, Mom called it the "Little Blue Goose!" You only name the ones you love!

When we lived in California we drove a really cool 65' Mustang. Just like the picture above, it was fire engine red and we looked really good in it..... when it was actually running. There wasn't enough paydays to fix all of the things wrong with that car so eventually we got away from buying used.

The first new car we ever bought was a Ford Pinto. It was 1976 and realizing that we'd spent $4,000 (including finance charges)...  I was in a panic! How could we have been so frivolous? Old habits of being thrifty still hold on even now. Last year we bought a Prius and it's been one of the smartest purchases we've ever made. Great gas mileage (56mpg) and I've got used to the funny shape. From this point on it's function and savings that dictate our buying habits. I just wish we had that fun old bus to tool around in!


  1. I just saw a turquise and white VW van the other day. I currently drive a Chevy Trailblazer. It doesn't get the greatest gas milage, but I do quite a bit of hauling and need the space! I have always loved the 60's Mustangs!

  2. This was my first car, a 1967 Chevelle Super Sport. Mine was Aztec Gold, a rich brown with gold flecks in the paint. LOVED that car. My brother wrecked it.

  3. My husband has a 1960 corvette. We don't ride in it though it has be in storage for years. You gotta love the old cars. My first new car was a Volkswagen Rabbit with a sunroof. I thought it was the coolest thing. I bet you wish you still owned the Mustang.

  4. I am looking for a VW bus to restore and yes the prices are astronomical...hoping to find one is a junk yard or something. My first car was a PINK VW bug...gosh I loved that car!

  5. I miss my VW bug too! Too bad husband # 1 wrecked it, as he did my powder blue Pinto & my VW Limited Wagon!

  6. I have many happy memories of some fun adventures in our "Pinto"!

  7. Lots of memories with our first cars, not all happy ones! They sure were a worry when they were down for repair. We finally got to the point we only bought new and until recently that's worked out good. Read the following post to see what I mean...


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