Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Variations on a Theme

That dratted late for work dream rears it's ugly head almost every Sunday night for Hubby. He gets about 6 hours of good sleep, then the last 2 are spent in and out of that "awake but not fully awake" state. Yesterday over coffee he was telling me his latest version of the dream, he was setting in his underwear when the doorbell rings and it's a woman for me...he comes to find me and notices the clock says 7am...he runs to the shower and I've been using it as a potting shed! None of that happened but when you are dreaming it, you are frantic, out of control. I go through spells of active dreaming, not sure what sets it off, but recently I've been dreaming a lot. One thing, if the room is too warm I do think I dream more. We both like about 68 degrees in the winter and 74 in the summer. My Missouri blood loves an open window, springtime nights in the 50's make for great sleeping weather if you "crack" the window just a hair. Another great thing are the sounds of spring. It won't be long and Mr. Bullfrog will be courting his ladies down in the cove below the house. His melodic call is music to my ears! Hope this little video doesn't give you nightmares...


  1. Oh my gosh is that frog ever ugly.....would take some doing for me to sleep to that.

  2. Well, Joy, although Bullfrog's are really not my thing, I like sleeping with the window open so I can hear the creek water running...sweet!:)JP

  3. We open the window just a tiny crack even on some winter nights. I love the fresh air. Of course the dog sleeps right by that window so he wakes us now and then with his night-time barking. We enjoy hearing the coyotes howling....haven't heard that for quite a while.

    We had a bull frog that lived in the stock tank for a while...then he moved on.


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