Thursday, March 3, 2011

Way Cool, Man!

Years ago, when the girls were little... we bought our first minivan... a Volkswagen Bus, pale green and cream it had a manual transmission and no carpets. I can tell you, I was thrilled at the purchase of the Bus, I had always wanted one! It was the perfect vehicle at the time for us with 2 kids, a busy life and a love of camping. No matter where we went, we had plenty of room and even though the inside had few luxuries, it worked.

  Now VW has come out with a new Microbus that just may be the answer to this generations needs. This week the new Bulli was debuted at the Geneva Auto Show. An electric-powered bus with six seats, it uses an iPad to control the entertainment system, climate control and other functions and has a massive 40kWh lithium-ion   battery, which gives a range of 186 miles! Much better than any electric so far...

My husband says in our lifetime we WILL purchase an electric car...I just wonder if this will be the one! Now where did I put my hippie beads???


  1. lol Joyce.."In our life time" hubby says the same thing. BTW..have you seen how much those older vw vans go for on e-bay...a fortune for the 60's or 70's...

  2. That certainly is a nice-looking vehicle!

  3. Leave it to VW! My first car was a bug & that's probably where my beads are...that thing was awesome!...:)JP

  4. You might have to find your hippie beads and your fuzzy dice I think this could be the one! :-)

  5. I drive a VW New Beetle Sport. I love it! My favorite car.

    I have pictures of it here -

    It came with those one-of-a-kind red rims too!

    (I had to split that link up so be sure to remove the spaces or hard returns.)


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