Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Facebook Timeline


What do you think of the new Facebook Timeline? They rolled it out the week before Christmas and I jumped on board as soon as I looked at the promo. I'm like that... hip, technologically gifted, not afraid of new things. OK, that's not really me! If I'm honest, I'd say I'm the last in line for anything that requires changing. I'm afraid of clicking on the wrong thing and poof! it all disappears into that box they call the Internet. But it seemed pretty simple so I thought, what the heck!

First you get to pick a "Cover Picture," something that best describes you, your hobbies or your loves. I chose one that I took this summer on a little excursion with my GRANDson Gavin. We found this old train trestle using the Internet and a good GPS. It was in the middle of nowhere, about 10 miles down a dirt road! 

Next you get to tell your story. Facebook makes that easy, you were born then everything else starts falling in line year by year.
Next you get to tell your story. Depending how long you've been on Facebook and also how MUCH you want to share, you can place people and milestones and everything that's meaningful to those you share your Facebook with. For me, that's mostly friends and family and blogging buddies! It automatically added my birth since I have that on my profile, then I plugged in the places we'd lived.

Then I added trips we'd taken and fun things we did along the way. Hey, I'd almost forgotten about going to Marine World in California (1975), that was FUN! 

Disney World 1987

Lancaster County, PA.

Cancun, Mexico

Before I knew it I had pins all over the map, I'd been having fun for nearly 60 years and there it was in black and white! There's plenty of apps to add too. Favorite movies, the books you read and want to tell others about, music you love, restaurants, even sharing your personal bests on your workouts or runs. It's all here. For those who network....see me using big tech words like network...it's a way to connect and share the good stuff! I like it! Isn't that what we love about blogging?


  1. I haven't checked out the new time line yet, but I love your photos, the train trestle is cool, and Lancaster, Pa, that's my neck of the woods.

  2. *sigh* I do love the Lancaster area. Love these photos. I will have to check out this new timeline.

  3. i don't FB but it sounds neat. :)

  4. Dreading/looking forward to doing the new Timeline. I think it could be a very neat feature, but dread setting it up. Did you already have these pictures on your Facebook, or some that you added? Most of my fbook photos are more of recent years. Glad you were brave & went ahead!

  5. I am on FB but rarely use it...but I might check this out...thanks, Joycee...:)JP

  6. Never did get into the facebook thing. I can barely keep up with blogging.

  7. I'm the only one in the family who is not on Face Book - I'm so very impressed by your FB prowess!

  8. I love the new Timeline. Much nicer.
    Happy New Year Joy!!


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