Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jokin' Around!

I have a refrigerator full of delicious food that we had over the holidays, good news for me cause I'm about "cooked out!" We started celebrating last Friday at our daughter's house. She had every table loaded with goodies... a meat tray of ham, turkey and brisket that our SON in law Ken had smoked, appetizers galore and delicious desserts for every sweet  tooth!

The punch was a Cranberry Lime and was soooo good!

Sam's Club was nice enough to bake us a 4 layer Coconut Cake that was to die for! It's one of the leftovers that I'm glad I have in the house...maybe not after I get on the scale!

Pioneer Woman's Beef Tenderloin

Christmas Eve the kids came to open presents and have a late dinner. It takes us nearly 3 hours to ooh and aah over every present, including the "Joke one's" that have almost become more fun than the real ones!

We now have an award, a statue that lives with the "Winner" of the Joke Gift Contest.... we're an odd bunch who like to compete in everything! The rules of the Joke gift are as follows: used, re-gifted or dumpster dived. I really thought I'd win this year with this priceless piece of plastic cheer, after all it was electric and it worked...

But wasn't meant to be. I was outdone by my daughter who had found two hard to find gifts at the local Salvation Army. I can't bring myself to post the picture of our "joint gift," it's x rated! In new condition, the recipients of these skimpy articles of clothing were just too embarrassed to ever open the package and wear them. Both have very witty sayings printed on the bra and underpants! To seal the deal, she gave her Dad James Earl Jones' Bible on tape! Good thing we saved our old tape player!

It's really kind of fun to do joke gifts. I like to dumpster dive for that special gift, but was able to find other perfect ones at the Benton County Thrift Store. The money goes to help the battered and homeless women of Benton County, that's a very good thing.

This year I bought Hubby a perfectly good Baby Boomer Edition of Trivial Pursuit, he'd always wanted it and it was too expensive to buy when it was new in the 1980's! Not at the thrift store, it was a mere $3.00! I got lucky and found another hard to find game, the collector's boxed edition of one of our daughter's favorite TV shows, FRIENDS!

A little scary, our SON is law is a really good sport and modeled his camo hat and poncho! It was just an itty bit too small!

Christmas Day we got together one more time and had Estelle's Lasagna from the Maine House.
This is the best lasagna I've ever made!

So, like I said... there's a lot of leftovers in the fridge right now. I don't think I'll have to cook the whole week and by then it'll be time to go out for New Years!  


  1. that is a fun tradition! love the rules of where to find them! :)

  2. Wow just look at those gifts and that cake! Happy new years folks. Richard

  3. It sounds like "CRAZY FUN".
    My favorite kind!!

  4. Joke gifts sound a lot more enjoyable than trying to find the regular ones! I like that!

  5. Hi Joyce, That is a great idea with the joke gifts. Bet there was lots of laughter going on in that room. Sounds like you had a fun Christams and was not without wonderful food and family. That cake and the lasagna look so yummy.

  6. Ah, Joycee, I love Trivial Pursuit! I have Genus I, Genus II, Silver Screen, Baby Boomer, All Star Sports AND the Family (separate cards for kids/adults) editions. Oh my, I didn't realize until I listed them all how many I had! LOL

    Glad you had such a great Christmas. May the New Year be just as much fun for all of you!

    : )

  7. I love to hear what others do for Christmas and especially like your joke time. That sounds like a lot of good laughs. From the pictures, I believe you had a wonderful Christmas with your big family.

  8. What a fun idea for a joke gift award! Maybe we need to do that at our house. This year I saw "Redneck" wine glasses on Pinterest. My husband thought that was funny and made a pair for our son as a joke (our son likes good wine) and placed them in a shoebox. He also paired them with a bottle of Boone's Farm for the ultimate Redneck gift. He then made a pair each for his brother and 2 sisters, never thinking our daughter would get her feelings hurt that she didn't get any. Just an old canning jar and a dollar store candle stick glued together. But we saw them all over Branson for $15 to $20 EACH.


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