Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alive Inside

You've most likely seen on the news how ipads are helping children with Autism to have a more normal life. The ipod is now credited with reaching the elderly who are the the depths of dementia. Patients who have been quiet for years, almost mute come alive when they hear music on the headphones!

My Mother and now my Father-in-Law both have dementia. Mom was diagnosed almost 20 years ago and is now in a wheelchair, often in her own little world. The facility that cares for her, Jamestown, not only takes care of her physical needs. As much as they can, they incorporate a feeling of home into their activities. The staff of activity workers, CNA's and nurses work diligently to keep Mom "in this world." This new program discovered purely by accident, offers hope to the 5.6 million people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

Take a couple minutes and watch the video and then pass along the information on Facebook or to anyone you know that's facing this horrible disease.


  1. i have seen this. it is wonderful to see him light up!

  2. There is so much about this electronic age that is wonderful for older or disabled people.

    I never thought about the Ipods being used that way.


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