Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sticky Note Wisdom

The Coop Keeper has lost nearly 90 pounds in the last year. Along the way Jayme has changed what she eats, her morning routine and even how she blogs. I have to say I'm missing those bread recipes but even without the added carbs, her blog is "food" for me in an inspirational sense. She's talked about it all along the way, as she shed pounds she shed some of the heavy thoughts that had been weighing her down too. It's not all about calories when we eat, sometimes we are feeding that empty spot that developed years earlier in our lives. We all have it, no matter how good our life has been... feelings of disappointment, unrealistic goals that weren't met. She's a list maker just like me and yesterday she posted her "To-Do List" ...

Make egg rolls for cooking club
tend the chickens - morning, afternoon
feed cats
finish garden section C
go to the Poultry Auction (Phyllis needs a man)
Cooking Club 12pm at Terry's
Call Terry
Upper body weight training
one hour cardio
do laundry
finish deep cleaning the kitchen
do coaching reviews
write a blog post
make dinner
get Aaron to ALC at 5pm
plan my week
take a jar of honey to Debby
pay cell phone bill
varnish the kitchen floor
Paula's Birthday!
call re: pavilion rental for the beekeeper's picnic
go to Sunrise Farms after Cooking Club and pick up rest of annuals

I can see her problem... she is writing these daily lists on BIG pieces of paper! I suggested she make a trip to Target for sticky notes, but not just any sticky notes. I found some at Target last year that are 2"X2". Half the size of regular sticky notes they allow only for the most important "To-Do's." If you can't fit it on the 2x2 square, then your plate is too full for any given day and you need to cross through the stuff that's not important. We have to take time each day to breathe and smell the roses....



  1. Good advice Granny, and as the Lord would want it, no post it notes on Sunday.

  2. I'm not a list maker but need to loose weight so I'm going to check out her blog! Thanks! :)

    1. She's done an amazing job of changing her eating habits with an exercise plan. If I start now I could be thin in a year...

  3. Good idea...kind of like for me...if the news is not in the little box on msn. I don't need to know! btw..I really really want that austailian cattle dog on your side bar....we have a Queensland.... Molliedog who turns 13 this year...i'm starting to look for a Queensland puppy! People really need to know what they are getting into with a Queensland....if they have no cows or a job they can be impossible to keep happy.

    1. She is a beautiful dog! The Lowell Shelter takes such good care of their animals and they are able to keep them for a lengthy time giving them a good chance of finding homes. I have my fingers crossed for Annie to find a forever home soon!

  4. How long has that slideshow been down ☟ there??? GORGEOUS IMAGES!!! I love it!

    1. A while... I guess I stuck it too far down for people to see! Thanks so much, it's got pictures of the mountain and the drive into Roger, AR. too.

  5. That "To Do" list would be for the week for me, rather than a day - which is just the way I like it! LOL


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