Monday, June 4, 2012


Marydon from Blushing Rose and husband Harold were celebrating an anniversary recently, and because she's the kind of person that likes to share her happiness, she had a huge giveaway! I was one of the lucky winners, a lovely Victorian desk set!  She and Harold had a whirlwind romance, he actually proposed on their very first date! Two weeks later they were engaged... and two weeks after that she was a Mrs.
One thing about true love, you know it when it hits you. When I met my husband 45 years ago, I felt weak in the knees. Our eyes met and even though there were people all around us, it felt like we were the only ones in the room. In a very short time I realized he was the one, I think it took him a little longer! We dated for the next 3 years and after his first year of college, we married. I was just out of high school. I can remember feeling very nervous the night of our rehearsal dinner that we were making a big mistake getting married so young. I tried my best to back out, but he wouldn't let me.... he told me that everything was going to be fine and that we WERE going to get married the next day! 

But for the record, I did give him one.last.chance.

Thanks Marydon for the generous gifts!
Love them all....


  1. Ahh, Joy! What a sweet romance you had. One those men know what they want, they are going to keep us, aren't they!

    TY for the 'spotlight' on the giveaway you won. Glad you are enjoying it.

    Have a beautiful week, my friend.
    TTFN ~

    1. We both got good ones the first time around didn't we? I love the sprays you sent!

  2. Enjoy your week.....with your Mr. Wonderful!

    1. Thanks Betsy, we are having a much needed vacation!

  3. Replies
    1. 42 years and we haven't killed each other yet!


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