Monday, July 23, 2012

American Picker Paradise

They start warning you long before you reach the Boxley Valley that the roads are very crooked and steep. If you have a tendency to get car sick, take your meds BEFORE you come! It's worth it though, the scenery is breathtaking!

Sharp curves to the left...

Tight turnbacks to the right... 

...and then you begin to see things you haven't seen for awhile! 

It's just the beginning, you are in for a treat... there are treasures behind these doors!

In the fall when Bikes, Blues and BBQ motorcycles roar down Highway 21 into Kingston, Mr. Little loves to tell them that this odd contraption will "keep the June bugs out of their ladies eyes!" In reality, it's a set of vintage bull blinders, used to control a mean bull from getting a good bead on a person! 

In perfect condition, an old Victrola!

Something to keep the cabin warm!

Don't you wish this old trunk could talk?

Wheels from an old wagon

I have this at the farm...

We guess this was an old meat slicer?

From antique to retro, they have it all! I bet my old lunchbox is over at Mom's, it had monkeys on the side!

Even the building itself was historic, this part used to be the old post office for Kingston!

If Mike and Frank on American Pickers hear about this place, there won't be anything left for us.

Old irons like Grandma had to use, can you say "drudgery?'

Everything you can imagine is in here, even arrowheads and Indian stones  from a nearby cave!

If you stay awhile, you'll learn some very interesting facts about Kingston. Things that you wouldn't expect in a town of only 373!

Thanks Janet for sharing some of the charm that is only around for people that travel the 
Backroads of America!


  1. Love the lunch boxes hanging from the ceiling...

    1. Funny how the stuff from my childhood is now antique... how did THAT happen?!!!

  2. How much fun can a girl have! lol..wish I'd been there too....=)

    1. I took so many pictures that day, I'm on my second week of posting!

  3. Love your pictures, next best thing to being there! Sounds like you had lots of fun!

    1. We did, even though it was 104 that day! Have to think of inside fun this summer...

  4. Looks like a "Country Treasure" of a store!

    1. It is way off the beaten path, but vistors to the Buffalo National River go through there. Some people will stop, but for most they just keep on going. Sad, they miss out on one of the best things about small town America!

  5. Joy, I LOVE this post!! I'm heading out to Ponca and the Boxley valley soon and can't wait to check this place out. I've done some similar posts about Highway 71 (second installment coming soon) over on The Little Magpie. I also have some upcoming columns about scenic byways in Arkansas coming up in 2NJoy magazine - sounds like we like the same things!

    I know you thought about coming to the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference last year - we'd love to have you this year! If you're on Twitter, there's a pre-conference Twitter party tonight - would love to have you join us! Here are the details:

    Join us for the Arkansas Women Bloggers twitter party tonight at 8p if you can! We'll have some full scholarships to our upcoming conference (August 24 - 26) and other fun surprises. Hope you can participate!

    Twitter party:


    Great blog, keep it up!


    1. Bethany, thanks so much for dropping by today! We really enjoyed our trip over to Madison County. Kingston is a beautiful little town and had a plethora of shops, we didn't get to see them all. We'll make another trip this fall and hit the other stores! I have to say, blogging about Arkansas and Arkansas products is near and dear to my heart. I'd love to come to the conference, but obligations with aging parents keep us close to home. Thanks again and I'll be following your blogs!
      Joy C.

  6. Okay, I am starting to get the itch !!! Isn't there also a thousand mile yard sale or something in the south, heading north? I need to start saving for that RV so I can retire and buy stuff !!!


    1. I've heard about that yard sale too, had to Google it to see exactly where it's held each year... Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama! Aug 2-5~ we didn't miss it!! Or you can come to Kingston, AR. and see some really great things all in air conditioned comfort!!

  7. That is my Great Grandpa's store, but now that he is quite too old to run it, my Grandma (Janet Musteen) and grandpa (Dean Musteen) run it. Every time I come up here from my house to visit for a week, I love to walk down through the square to Grandpa's Flea Market, I always have a blast. The store keeps me entertained for hours! Me and my sister always have a blast up here. Just to get away from city life a take a road less traveled through the country. If you think this is a neat little place then you should see Fair on the Square. It's a once a year thing, and people from all around gather on the square. It's usually Mothers day weekend, and it is great. They have people gather at the high school to do a parade through the square. This year they had a flash mob. That was a change:) Anyway, I love coming up to Kingston. It can take me away from the drama of the city, to a peaceful relaxing drive through the country♥
    ~Kadey Roland~

    1. Kadey, you are so lucky to have family in Kingston! It's really a cool little town. I didn't know anything about the Fair on the Square, but will have to go back then for sure! We hadn't been back to the Buffalo River area for a long time so it was a fun trip. Do you live in Arkansas too? My grandkids live at Dallas and Cincinnati so they just might think Kingston is pretty cool too! Thanks sweetie for the nice comments, your Grandma Janet was super nice... you knew that already, didn't you!

  8. I don't think I have ever been through Kingston- will have to make a detour. Love crooked back roads and flea markets. Thanks for the tour!


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