Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Bargain Lady

I could tell it was going to be a good one, you could see before you ever got out of the car that this place had all the bells and whistles of a great "pick!" 

The toys that set on the sidewalk out front had been loved, but the colors were still bright and they had the ability to make a child or a "child at heart" happy. I had a tricycle just like this one in the 1950's and my brother ran the wheels of his Flying O tractor!

It was a hot day when we went through Kingston on our way down into the Boxley Valley, but the door was open at Carlton's on the historic square. All that separated us from 2012 and a giant leap back into our past was the old screen door. Even that was a part of my past, I can remember when lots of businesses had the familiar "Colonial is Good Bread" advertised.

The Bargain Lady was just inside, anxious to share the treasures that she'd spent a lifetime gathering. 

Even Jack was glad to see us, he woke up and came over for a pat on the head!

So much to look at... 

Memorabilia from days gone by...

Historic pieces from Kingston's past, this was the old mail window from the original building. 

A penny gumball machine, old pop bottles and jars lined the shelves for sale.

Betty's husband Sam was working on converting this old Huffy bicycle to a gas motor. Patience is either something you are born with or you work hard to master, I'm guessing he falls into the first category!

One of the best things about Carlton's were the Words of Wisdom throughout the store...

These old signs are hard to find anymore, one of these days we won't see them at all. 

If you love antiques, it doesn't matter that this person isn't your long lost Great Aunt. Like an old watch, it shows that time has a way of getting away from you if you don't cherish and preserve the moments. Even though all of these things are slightly worn or chipped, they are priceless. 

The old buildings have stories to tell, all you have to do is step inside and say hello!


  1. So many things in that store that caught my eye! LOVE it!

    1. I loved everything in there... I just need TWO HOUSES to be able to have room for it all!


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