Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bikes, Blues and BBQ 2012

Bikes, Blues and BBQ will be rolling into NWA this week, the largest charitable motorcycle rally in the U.S., Fayetteville has become a choice destination for the thousands of bikers that make the trek each year to these Ozark Mountains. Riding the winding roads with picture perfect fall scenery, a big part of why this has become a favorite rally!

That rumble is unmistakable, it starts low and then you FEEL IT as they pass by! This year is the 12th anniversary of Bikes, Blues & BBQ. Last year over 425,000 people attended the rally from all 50 states and many other countries. Before you say you don't like motorcycles, let me tell you the organization is not only a huge 3 million dollar "shot in the arm" for NW Arkansas, but BBB has donated over $500,000 to local charities since 2000.  Dickson Street rolls out the red carpet, welcoming bikers to a multitude of dining spots from pubs to upscale restaurants. Students of the nearby University of Arkansas make room for the crowd at favorite hangouts. We always go during the day and the streets are packed with a mix of seasoned bikers, weekend warriors and stroller pushing Moms and Dads! From itty bitty babies to senior citizens, we are all there to see the bikes, eat the BBQ and listen to the music!

It's the best place I've ever been to practice the art of people watching. I inherited this gene, it courses through my veins! Luckily, bikers like for us to stare and take pictures, they have spent a lot of money on their ride and their clothes so bring it on, snap away!

Motorcycles as far as the eye can see lined up on each side of Dickson and all of the side streets. Over and over the parade of bikes rumble down Dickson and like the circus has come to town, the locals line up for the show. You see what you are expecting to see, hardcore bikers who look the part on bikes built to WOW!

This year the rally will host the first BB&B Car Show on Saturday the 29th. Customs, hot rods and some of the coolest cars in the Midwest will be on display!

Baum Stadium just off Dickson offers a Motorcycle Village with everything you ever wanted for the bike you own or if you're in the market for a new one...
Harley-Davidson tempts you with their "Dare to Compare" Program, swap your ride for a Harley for the day!

The Indian Motorcycle Company Museum will be on site at the Baum Motorcycle Village with all their new models and a trailer featuring the history of Indian Motorcycles.

The AMP concerts this year are legendary rock band Candlebox (Miss You) on Thursday night and country artist Jamie Johnson (In Color) on Friday night. Along with many other bands, there's music for everyone!

This is THE place to see one of a kind motorcycles and people! 

This must have been a club, there were lots of men in buffalo hats...I didn't ask!

The pictures don't do these bikes justice, they are custom from frames to paint.

Part Corvette, part Harley!

Jesse James, is that you?

Lots of bikes with American themes, veterans take great pride in the freedom to express their patriotism on their ride.

Look at the bystanders faces, men drooling ; )

 This one was at least 20 foot long. My husband asked, "What's that?" He hollered back, "A Buick!"


It's a sea of bikes, as far as the eye can see. Fayetteville is a college town, tolerant and welcoming to everyone. The rally brings a mix of people but it doesn't bring the things that are sometimes associated with motorcycles. The police say that there are few incidents reported over the 4 day event.

It's just a time to get out and enjoy the nice Fall days...

...do a little people watching, is that you Willie???

The locals enjoy the show, we are an eclectic group of individuals too!



  1. That event looks like fun. We don't bike, but Wisconsin is the home of the H/D !!! The bikers just had a rally in Tomahawk WI and like Fayetteville, it was without incident and a big economical boost to the community!!

    1. We look forward to the rally every year, so much fun. It's such a shot in the arm for our community and the money goes to many charities in the area!

  2. What a blast. I too love to people watch and surely would have a lot of watching to do here.

    1. That is at the top of my list, enjoy just setting back and watching as the circus goes by! So much is spent on this hobby and they appreciate the stares!

  3. That event looks like any boy's dream! I know I'd have a hard time keeping The Great Dane away, and he's never even owned a bike. Some of the outfits defy description!


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