Friday, October 5, 2012

BB&B Smiles

Even if I told you how much fun Bikes, Blues and BBQ was, you wouldn't believe me! So, I thought I'd just show you people's faces... that tells a lot!

Best seats in the house for the parade of bikes!

Guy Fieri comes every year... 

You thought motorcycle rallies were just for seasoned bikers?

Dream jobs, photographers!

Not to mention you meet  the most interesting people! 

We love rolling out the red carpet for thousands of visitors each year and we hope they enjoy the Ozarks as much as we do! There's lots to do, and the scenery is probably one of the best parts of the trip. For motorcycle enthusiasts, the road is the main attraction. If you'd like to see some amazing photos of the rally, go to Shot by Aponi. Laurie Harris is a gifted photographer and artist who captures Arkansas' beauty and people better than I can ever try to explain!


  1. Loved the scruffy little dog!! and the sweet little granny!! Looks like a blast!

  2. Bikers do know how to have fun. Like the pics.

  3. wow, what a fantastic day this was! Thank you for such great pixs and where was Guy at for grub? You know where he goes, the food is great!

    Fun indeed.. makes me want to come there next year. And those bikes.. talk about mega bucco denaro there.. very sweet.

    Cotton Peony

  4. This looks like fun! Great pics of some great looking people!


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