Monday, October 22, 2012

Ewan's Limo Ride

If GRANDson Ewan wins his fundraiser contest, the prize is a ride in a LIMOUSINE! Oh, his little heart is beating fast just thinking about being inside one of those grand vehicles that he's seen cruising around Dallas!

Make no mistake though, the attraction is the RIDE INSIDE! How could you not feel special in digs like these???

I can't help but stare when I see one, always wondering if someone famous is behind the tinted windows.

My hometown of Springfield, Missouri proudly boasts that it's home to 
Started in 1976, John Bumgarner has earned the title of Limo Godfather. His 7 factories supply the industry with any kind of limo, no matter how BIG you dream. There's a real market for these all over the world. From Humvees to Lincolns, Cadillacs to Chryslers, they can set you up!

Even if you have your heart set on a pink Cadillac that seats all your bff's!

A big company that has an even bigger heart... they donate a portion of the sales price to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks. For your viewing pleasure, here's a sneak peek inside....

I was surprised that these behemoths that carry 20+passengers actually get 13city/20highway mpg. If that bothers you, they are now making the first electric limousine! The trend of the future, they offer an eco-choice with their conversion of a Nissan Leaf electric sedan (view the video) that has a 100 mile range before needing a simple 30 minute charge and you're off again!

Just in case you'd like to make Ewan's big Limo dream come true...
You can order at this link and he will be on his way to his first life goal!!!
Let's make it happen!

*Two numbers you'll need to order:
Ewan's student ID#1123119
School ID#2016


  1. I hope Evan wins!!! I can't imagine the luxurious ride. They are a far cry from the stretched out cadillacs we had in our day. And riding in one of those was a big deal!!!

    1. Ewan started Kindergarten this year and is off to an exciting start! Last week they had the school carnival and he won the cake walk... he will never forget that feeling, will he???

  2. Replies
    1. I do hope he can win this ride, he will be so excited!

  3. Did Ewan win the limousine ride? Having the chance to ride a limo is a once in a lifetime experience, especially in a limo like that in the photos! You definitely be an eye-catcher cruising in one of those. Anyway, I do hope Ewan all the best. And tell him to take pictures if and when he does get to ride this limo!

    @Earnestine Novick

  4. The limousine’s interiorlooks really exquisite. Ewan would be really delighted once he gets to enter and experience the incredible features of the classy limo. It will surely be a memorable ride as a limo ride is one of Ewan’s big dreams, and it’s because you guys worked really hard for this wonderful prize.

    Earnestine Novick

  5. I hope Ewan win the chance of riding in such a superb limousine.

    Limo in NYC


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