Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fido didn't make the list...

I love the lists that appear in the paper this time of year, hottest day, coldest day, most popular movies, trends and foods... even most popular pet names. 

From Psychology Today, take a gander at the list and see where your Fido or Fluffy placed. My BennieBear made the list twice! 

Growing up I had a Blackie (guess what color my Cocker Spaniel was?) and through the years we've had a Scooter, a Maggie, Apache, Bunny Toes and Lizzie. There have been River's and Tanner's, Seymore's and Lebowski's! 

What about your family, are your pets on the list?


  1. We have a Max...a Mia...and a Misskitty.
    One out of three's pretty good or does Misskitty count in the "Missy" side...?

    1. I think Miss Kitty counts too, she's a Missy!

  2. Neither Rory nor D'Arcy made it, but I see Rosie.....and my husband's first name!

    1. LOL! Our Grandson Jackson made the list too!

  3. No, but Honey was listed....we are close with Sugar.


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