Friday, January 18, 2013

Friends of Friends

Have you heard about the changes coming at Facebook? It probably would have escaped me for days unless I'd seen Craig Kanalley's post announcing their "latest and greatest" Graph Search. The link was the live announcement at Facebook headquarters and when I clicked over, they were showing pictures and diagrams about the changes. I think that's probably the best way that I learn these day... pictures! So what is Graph Search?  It's a new way we can search Facebook's massive amount of photos, people, and connections that affect us. We keep our privacy settings, nothing is shared outside the circle that we set. Our friends, our family, the people who are in our lives that we want to keep in contact with. Nothing like a Web Search that leads to dozens of dead ends, Graph Search will use an advanced tagging system; finding our friends, our family, the people who are important to us...
I've shared a lot on this blog and Facebook. When I first joined in 2008 I didn't post a thing the whole year. I'd log on and look at pictures that our daughters would post of the GRANDS. They were in Texas and I missed seeing them.
They were growing up fast and the little time we did see them zipped by fast.

But Facebook was there to bridge the gap, pictures came every week. Better than mail, it came in living color and showed me what they were doing.

Precious pictures that make a Nana happy
It made it easier to be so far away.
The next year I started sharing where we were going...

fun things we did...

and the people that were important to me.

Family gatherings..

where we live...

and what really happens on Granny Mountain!
You came along on trips back home...
remembering family that served.
You went to car shows with me,

and even Mule Jumps!
By now you know the real me...

and just how important my family is to me.

You know that I like chocolate fried pies...

and who comes for visits to my door!
I share the silly...
and the serious.

My sad days...
and the happiest ones too!
The timeline was only the beginning...


  1. I love the way all the social media has made the world smaller - for family and for those of us that live in different countries or on different continents. I can't help but believe that this will have some impact on international understanding.

    1. I agree. Reading the paper, watching tv, interacting on Facebook and Twitter... learning and accepting the world around us is a good thing!


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