Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It's been nearly a month now since I took a break from blogging. I miss it but I wonder how I ever had time to do it the last few months. One thing I have learned that no matter what your day holds, you make the time for the things that are really important. I haven't been home much, we had a nice visit with our kids in Texas. Our youngest GRANDson just turned 6 and we stayed at a great cabin on Lake Texoma, out in the middle of nowhere. We did drive in to civilization one night to Chuck E Cheese! 
I came back loaded to the hilt with handbags and wallets. Amy is "Thrift Shopping Queen" and this time I listed some on Craigslist and Facebook, after all there is no way I can ever carry all the bags she gives me! I haven't had that many emails and txts ever, it was like wildfire selling them! Women love a good purse and we really love a good bargain!  It turns out that her shopping addiction may not be such a bad thing after all. I sent off a check this week in excess of $200 for her shopping pleasure..
The bulk of our time has been cleaning and selling my Mother and Father-in-law's things. Mom has settled in at Brookstone Assisted Living and Dad may be joining her there soon. We are working toward that goal! It's funny, even though I've been in their house a million times, I had never opened a single closet door until we started cleaning out the house. I'd never looked inside that hutch at the dishes Mom had saved for years, saved for us. Linens and tablecloths, napkins and doilies, the aprons that she wore when she fried chicken for us on Sundays. The house holds memories, good ones. When Mom comes with us to help she says it just doesn't feel like home anymore though, she has moved on with her life and is now making plans to have Grandpa join her at her new apartment. She already feels like it's Home Sweet Home, that's as good as it gets no matter how old are.
Till next time... Joycee


  1. It sounds like things are busy, but good!

    1. It has been a little crazy, but we are making real progress getting things sold so that we can list the house to sell! I'm so happy that they may be able to live together again, assisted living is a blessing if you are in good enough health to enjoy it. Today is another "work day" at the house!

  2. How wonderful that your Mom feels that way; I know it takes a burden off you.

    Busy is good, but take time to rest.


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