Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Nadine!

These beautiful ladies are sisters. One of them is celebrating a birthday today. I'll give you a hint. She's model tall...oh that won't work, they are all tall and beautiful! She's a sharp dresser...that's not a very good hint either since they all love clothes! Ok, this is a good one...she grew up in Rea Valley, Arkansas. That would be Nadine on the right! Rea Valley is a beautiful area of Arkansas down on the White River.

Cotter Bridge- See, I told you! (Shared from Ondria Rorie Medina)

My MOTHERinlaw, Mom T. is the one in the middle. She is the matriarch, the oldest sister and her baby sisters marvel at her good health and her strength. She is able to do whatever she puts her mind to, her faith carries her through the hard days.

Joyce Burline (on the left), is known to my bloggers as the famous "Aunt B." Truth be told, she writes as many of the blogs as I do...thank you Aunt B.!

When they are together, they are children once again. Living down a dirt road, back in the "boondocks," their parents struggled during Depression years. They remember chopping wood with their Dad and being in the kitchen with their Mom, she was always in the kitchen with a large family to feed. They remember spying on each other when they had a date bring them home. Going swimming and walking to town together, riding on the tractor. When they talk there's a closeness that comes with time, between sisters that is unspoken. They could finish each others sentences but they listen and re-live the memories.

On the 36th anniversary of Nadine's 39th birthday (get out your calculators!)
her sisters recalled some wonderful memories of growing up!

From baby sister Joyce Burline...

"My sister, Nadine, was a perfect daughter and sister when we were growing up. She was pretty, smart, well-behaved and everything you would want in a young lady. I was just the opposite so I greatly loved and admired her. When we lived on a farm on Crooked Creek Rd. she and our Mother were going to Yellville. This required crossing Mill Creek which had a low-water bridge, just a slab of concrete. When shallow water was across the bridge you could not see where the concrete was and of course it was very narrow. She had not been driving very long so I am sure she was sort of uneasy about driving through the shallow water. Well, she drove off the bridge into the creek. No harm done to
truck or riders. The best I remember they walked back home for older brothers and a tractor to pull the truck out. This was so upsetting to Nadine she cried most of the day. I suppose when you are just about perfect and you make a error in judgement it just takes the starch out of you!"

From Big Sister Juanita, some pictures to take you back a few years...

Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!
(That's what husband Nelson calls her!)


  1. Fun re-living with them today. Love the vintage photos!

  2. I hope I have such a long and close relationship with my two sisters. However we would barely reach model tall if you stacked us one on top of the other.

  3. Lovely blog, Joycee. Thanks so much for stopping by Bee Haven Acres!!! Have a wonderful week. Hope it is warm in sure is grey and cold up here in the north!!

    Eagerly awaiting Spring,

  4. They are all very pretty ladies. I love the old photo's.

  5. Great portrait... happy birthday to a fellow pisces!!

  6. I love to hear about good, strong women..thanks for sharing them! :D

  7. Beautiful Blog! Enjoyed my visit.


  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments! They brought a smile to my face. :)

    Your blog and home are beautiful, I enjoyed the old photos!

    -Ann Marie

  9. How lovely is that to celebrate birthday with all the sisters! Best brithday gift ever! Have a great time.
    Cheers, Kristy

  10. Love the artical about my three beautiful aunts. I walked my lovely daughter down the aile today she is now an old married lady. You three look so good in the photo so glad you posted the info for all to read.

    Love your nephew

  11. What a nice tribute to three beautiful ladies! Happy Birthday Nadine!


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