Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rendezvous BBQ Memphis

Memphis is a great place to visit, a trip to the iconic Charles Vergos Rendezvous was first on the list! It was everything we expected, aside from our rib dinners being out-of-this-world good, the place just oozed character! Sometimes it's the history behind a place like Rendezvous that elevates it to Stardom Status!

The restaurant has been designated as an All-American Icon by Nation's Restaurant News magazine, they don't just give that to everyone! In 1948 Charlie Vergos took an old coal chute from the wall of his smoky basement tavern in Downtown Memphis and created barbecue history. Over the years he served those famous bbq dry ribs to equally famous guests, including Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and former Vice President Al Gore, many entertainers such as Bill Cosby, Justin Timberlake and Mick Jagger.

Charlie Vergos is gone now, he passed in 2010 but the city of Memphis owes him a great deal of gratitude for his stand to make the downtown area a destination. He refused to relocate the restaurant to the suburbs. 

"When others gave up on Downtown, he stood firm," said his son Nick Vergos, who co-owns the Rendezvous with his brother, John, and sister, Tina Jennings.

The son of Greek immigrants, Vergos was a World War II Army veteran who fought in the European theater. Later on, he was transferred to the Philippines in preparation for the planned invasion of Japan when the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the war. When he came back to Memphis, he married Greek wife Tasia.  

In 1948 they opened his tavern and sandwich shop in the November 6 Alley, near where Rendezvous is now. 

Twenty years later, he moved the business to its present location. From tourists to locals, it's a favorite place to go for BBQ. 

I couldn't help but notice the wall of portraits on the backs of paper restaurant plates. One of the waiters has the gift and practices his talent on customers during breaks. That's the thing about a place like the Rendezvous, it's a stepping stone for others to realize their dreams!

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