Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pope Francis

Pope Francis' words this week reached so many people, a nation and a whole world that has lost hope, direction. Last night, millions were tuned in to watch the interview by World News Tonight anchor David Muir on 20/20. Never before have we had a Pope so public, his actions always precede his papal title. From the moment he arrived for the interview, he acknowledged everyone in the room shaking hands, blessing them. 

The virtual audience from chosen locations gave a hurting nation the encouragement we were needing. He spoke first to a teenager who had suffered bullying at school because of her skin condition. As she told of her feelings of embarrassment and lack of confidence, tears streamed down her face. Pope Francis asked her to sing for him and she could barely bring herself to do it. He told her, "Be courageous!" Another stunning moment when a mother and her two daughters stood up and she confessed she felt as if she had failed being the best Mom. Pope Francis' words, "I'm proud of you for being courageous and not having an abortion!" She was stunned that he called her courageous! Another young man wept as he told of losing his father at an early age and he now is the family breadwinner, his dreams of college are gone because he's the child of undocumented citizens.  

All the problems that we are facing right now are being addressed by this Pope. With public appearance, interviews and interaction he is healing us. His compassion and love is reaching out to those who need hope, those who have all but given up on society. 

I've added the Pope on my Twitter feed, my daily dose of inspiration... you can do that too!

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