About Me

I was a stalker, going to WarmPieHappyHome every day, sometimes more than once a day. Ruth Ann’s blog made me feel good. Bringing back memories of my Ozark upbringing, she’s a transplanted Southerner moving to the Missouri hills from California. But she embraced our ways. It’s not like I have all the time in the world to set at the computer, I have a fairly busy life for someone who’s children are grown. But I was hooked, had to have my warmpiehappyhome slice of pie. Then I started looking at the blogs she had as favorites…oh I like that one too, and that one too. Inspiration and ideas swirled around in this post menopausal head of mine. Great recipes, new ideas on gardening, decorating, improving my spirits and slapping me awake. Hey, this is a wonderful world we live in…even if there’s a recession going on.But let me tell you first off I am a cookbook addict, out of control cookbook buying junkie who has so many recipes if I live to be 100 there’s no way I can ever try out all of the ones I have saved, clipped and copied off the internet. I love to cook and eat, and I am forever thinking about what to make next. I keep recipe journals with menu ideas. OCD propels me to make lists and for some reason I think I’m organized, even if I’m not. I gawk and plunder at the newfound blogs finding more and more.

A close second is gardening but it‘s difficult given the deer like the same plants I do, so it’s an ongoing battle. We live perched on the side of a mountain so fencing would be nearly impossible. I want to fence an area like a little English Garden with an arbor and a gate so that we can have a vegetable garden bordered with hollyhocks, roses and zinnias. We built stone patios on the other side of the house and now I would love an outdoor fireplace on the lower patio. The fire pits we use are great to sit around cool spring or fall nights, but I can imagine how much we’d enjoy a roaring fire and roasting marshmallows when the grandkids are here in a REAL fireplace. I have 2 articles torn out of magazines of outdoor fireplaces and I leave them in clear sight of my husband so that it comes up in the conversation!

Granny Mountain is what the locals call this mountain ridge where we built 6 years ago. It’s a peaceful, quiet setting that feeds my soul. I love the birds and the deer, the fog rising off the lake and the sun setting through the kitchen windows. It's my home and my nest, where I love to make it cozy for the two of us and hopefully a place that will instill happy memories in our grandchildren. Grandma's house is where some my happiest childhood memories were made and remain in my heart.

I am having fun with the blog and the nice people I am meeting along the way. I hope something I say might bring a smile to your day or jog a memory. I’m just on my journey and trying to learn something new everyday. I hope I can learn how to post the widgets, download tags and somehow not delete the whole thing!
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