Who Is Aunt B?

Some of you may notice I do a lot of posts that are inspired by Aunt B. She is my husband's dear Aunt, his Mother's sister. Before I get you too confused, let me tell you that when we first married, we lived a distance from family. A good thing I think, because you need space...time to enjoy that "honeymoon" period and work out all the kinks! We were lucky to be close to my husband's Aunt B. and Uncle G. They were the Cool Family, young and not judgemental or apt to give unwanted advice ever! Looking back we may have "worn out our welcome" since we spent a lot of time over there. They invited us for dinner a lot and we never said no to a home cooked meal. But it was much more than that, we just loved being in their home. Their three kids filled the house and yard with noise, laughter and toys. Aunt B. was a wonderful cook, but what I remember most about those meals was AFTER dinner was over. She was a very good housekeeper and I was taking notes. I liked order anyway, but I could see a balance in her life. Not too much stress because things got done when they needed to be taken care of. She had a routine she followed every meal and that included sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor. It was all fresh and clean, ready for another day.

Life is kind of like that too. Face the problems each day and do your best to clean them up, not letting anything pile up to a big mess. When it gets too big, you want to give up. You can only do so much in a day, but then God gives you another day to "Clean House!" Through the years, she's inspired me to be the best wife and Mom I could be through example. She's given me good advice, supported us during difficult times and celebrated our good fortune. That's just like a Mom isn't it?

These pictures were taken this summer when we went to visit. Their abundance of tomatoes were placed carefully on a plastic tablecloth, atop a white quilt in a cool guest bedroom to ripen to perfection! They sent us home with sacks of Big Boys and okra, so good! You mean the world to us Aunt B....


  1. That is so cute. I wondered what the tomaotoes were on the bed for. Cute idea!

  2. How wonderful for you to have Aunt B in your early life, to love, encourage and inspire you.

    This post has inspired me want to get up to clean the kitchen.


  3. That is so sweet & seeing those tomatoes on that bed couldn't be more Southern! Reminds me of summers growing up in NC with tomatoes from our garden running out your ears :) What I wouldn;t give right now for a simple tomato sandwich!
    My Dad grew up in (North Eastern) Arkansas & we spent lots of time there in the summer at my Grandmother's house. Reading your blog takes me back to those wonderful memories.


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