Monday, May 31, 2010

Proud American

My brother wore grooves in the record "Mother-In-Law" by Ernie Doe. You rarely hear it on the radio anymore…it’s a real Golden Oldie! In the 1960’s he was a teenager and I was the kid sister who hung around and pestered him! He would hole up in his bedroom listening to Jan and Dean’s Little GTO and Dead Man’s Curve over and over. Records were less than a dollar then, gas for his 56’ two tone Chevy Bel Air was 29 cents… it was a simpler time. He worried about grades and if that cute girl in 2nd period Science class liked him, but the war was just on the news and in the papers. It was far enough away that it almost didn’t seem real. We watched Walter Cronkite on our old blonde Magnavox each night and the news was all bad. It was a steady stream of riots and combat. The Vietnam war had gone on since 1959 with no signs of ending. Americans had found their voice and there was unrest in large cities. Springfield in 1963 was still a relatively small town and you didn’t see picketing or hear anyone speak out against the Vietnam war. It just wasn’t American to do such things. Small town America was beginning to evaporate though. The war was taking too big a toll. It was striking too close to our friends and family.

It was a simple time when families gathered at the dinner table every night and talked about the days events. Moms still hung clothes on the line and visited with neighbors over the fence. Kids rode their bikes, played on the school’s swings and obeyed their parents rules. Be home before dark…good grades or else…tell the truth…be respectful of your elders. We went to bed at night knowing we were loved and that they were watching over us. I can remember that I felt like our President, our government was watching over us too and feeling safe within the four walls of my house. Too bad those days are gone, I wish we could go back sometimes.

He was a loving brother who played in the sandbox with me, took me for bike rides and shared his Hershey Kisses. He was a Veteran of the Vietnam War who served his country proudly. He was the firstborn son who held such a sense of pride for my parents. He was a loving husband and father who is missed everyday. He was the generation who served and was responsible, paid his bills and did the right thing...he was an American.

Remembering with love my brother who proudly served his country in the Vietnam War.


  1. What a wonderful step back into a nicer time and what a lovely tribute to your brother.

    The Raggedy Girl

  2. lovely blog. Your brother sounds like he was a great guy. Have a nice holiday.

  3. What wonderful memories of those times Joy. And what a nice tribute to your brother. God Bless all of the soldiers who gave their lives for this country. Isn't it sad that people still fight in this world. And now with Korea testing Nuclear bombs!! What will happen next?? I sometimes am glad I won't be around to see this whole world go crazy. I feel bad for the younger generations. The 50's seemed like good times to me and I wish I could go back also.
    It's beautiful here today. I hope you had a nice day also.

  4. Great post and Great memories.

    We still have a wonderful country - We just have to work a little harder at it and be involved.

    I love remembering those simpler times!

    I hope you had a GREAT Memorial Day and God Bless your brother for his service:D

  5. What a great story. I remember those times and wish I had a lot of them back. I sure do miss him.

  6. Great post.

    I am remembering Shevy today and how proud he was to have served in the Korean War. It shaped his view of life and was a seminal event in his personal history.

    Thank you for the memories.

  7. What a wonderful post Joycee and a loving memorial to your brother. Thank you for sharing this with us. Maura

  8. What a beautiful tribute and wonderful memories.


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