Friday, July 17, 2009


Food is an addiction just as much as cigarettes or alcohol. And I will admit I am addicted to good food. Not junk, but the real stuff. The things that God made to make our life wonderful while we are here on this Earth. I love real butter and real cream, real whole grain bread to go along with the real butter, and chocolate. We eat healthy, we just eat too much. I love to cook and there-in, is my problem.

At least I’m not on the cover of magazines every week like Oprah. Poor celebrities have to be reminded daily of their imperfections and weakness. How dare they look like the rest of us, they are supposed to stronger!

Birthday week but I hadn’t planned on baking myself a cake. One piece wouldn’t have hurt me, but then there’s the rest of the cake to deal with. Waiting sweetly in the fridge, not bothering a soul. But I swear I can hear that cake calling my name!

I have a closet full, in fact two closets full of assorted sizes of clothing. Used to fit, fit but tight and then the stuff I wear that doesn’t look very good on me. I don’t work so I rarely have to dress up. It’s jeans and tops, capris and tops, shorts and tops. Walmart doesn’t have a dress code, you can always see someone who looks much worse than you do!Every week I start with new resolve to watch the calories. Breakfast and lunch are easy, it’s dinner and beyond that throws a wrench in my good intentions!I have a definite chocolate addition. It started kind of late in life, after I married. When I had that first good chocolate, not Hershey. Now I don’t mean to talk Hershey chocolate down, it’s a wonderful company that makes quality products. But once you taste Belguim Chocolate, there is no turning back. I love the dark stuff, midnight black and it melts into a pool the moment it touches your tongue. See? I have a problem!

Here's a wonderful new cookbook every chocolate lover should own! Simply brilliant! These guys know chocolate! Scharffenberger and Steinberg are the founders of the American company, Scharffen Berger Chocolate, which produces some of the finest artisan chocolate in the world. The Essence of Chocolate is as much about the story of Scharffen Berger as it is a cookbook with details of how the company got started and how they find, buy, and make their chocolate.
I am doomed to be overweight since the world has so many wonderful things to eat. I just can’t help but remind myself…

Life is short, eat dessert first!


  1. True story, when I was my desired weight and a bit under at times, I was never more sickly (colds, flu.. so on). When I gained weight due to a health issue, I've only had a sickly cold or flue once in 8 years. Now mind you- buying clothes was more fun at a lighter weight but it wasn't worth my health. I eat a little bit of everything and deny myself nothing. I just do it in moderation. On the entertainment side of this topic, if actresses and singers and such would stand up to industry people, they wouldn't have to worry about all of this. They let the almighty dollar dictate this behaviour. I love how some of the greatest just grew old gracefully and told Hollywood or Sony to shove it where the sun don't shin.

    As women, we must have each other's back on clear discriminatory issues.

    Now, go eat cake!! I just made a chocolate, raspberry filling, eggwhite frosting. Oh lord that should be a sin!

  2. Most of the free world shares your chocolate addiction :-). I'm going to take a look at this book next time I go to the library.

  3. Well Joycee, We are all in the same boat .
    Man says that certain weigh is our ideal, healthy weigh,,blah .
    I am 50 pounds over weight according to them and with Arthritis getting worse every year I don't see me starving so I can look like I did when I got married.
    Yep, we are addicted to food and you know why ????? Our bodies have to have it to stay alive.. well I am too close to 70 to worry about it any more.

    Don't eat more than I used to just can't move around like I used to
    A person has to have something to look forward to when they get old... I am more a tart person, like lemon pie ,,, that is too die for...rhubarb is out of this world too.
    Eat that food... A least your taste buds are still working right...LOL
    Elsie <><

  4. We get smarter as we get older, realizing the things that are really important. Our health,our relationships and the person we are inside mean so much more than being the perfect size 10!
    joy c. at grannymountain

  5. I am with you - I love food. My hips and my behind suffer but that chocolate and everything else just tastes so darn good!

    Hope you had a Wonderful Birthday!!

  6. Talking about chocolate, I'm one of those picky one! But I watched my weight. I normally eat whatever I wanted during the day and will cut down the food intake in the evening. So, I take very very little at dinner. There'll be a STOP after 8pm! If you're craving for something, try to eat them during the day. N also try to make yourself do a little floor exercise juz before going to bed. Or probably you can try something else!! You know what I mean!! ha ha

  7. Sadly, Hershey bought Scharffen Berger and recently shut down their factory in California

  8. cute post, and yes my life is ruled by chocolate...

    you should see indy right now, he is going crazy over the computer with your bird and nature sounds!


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